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Lies - so frequent that many simply stopped paying attention to it. But for many, the lie becomes a real problem, some experts classify it, even as the disease.

At the initial stage - it's just innocent exaggerations and omissions, but in the end they were able to destroy human life, deprived of family and friends.



Sometimes it seems that no one finds out about the lie, no onereveals the mystery. This is mistake. Lying can lead to the loss of loved ones. No matter what you lied, sooner or later all will be revealed. Your significant other may perceive as a betrayal lies. If you hide infidelity, then what kind of trust and on what terms we can speak.


A loving person should be honest with your loved ones,I trust him as myself. It happens that people start to lie out of despair, fear of losing a loved one, but the relationship after that will never be the same. Lying poisons the soul, it is able to absorb a person eats from the inside. Anyway, not every couple can survive even an open lie.


Cheating leads to the loss of friends. people often exaggerate their success to show themselves in a better light. Someone may consider that a lie can help save the family, make new friends. Some are simply afraid that is not worthy of friendship. They hide behind a veil of lies and bluff, trying to hide her own complexes and fears. But the more people come together, the harder it is to lie, the harder it is to control their feelings. It is at this stage of friendship, built on lies, often destroyed. Of course, this leaves deep emotional trauma and entails the emergence of even more internal problems.


Lie in the extreme form may result in loss ofthemselves. There is a feeling of nullity themselves, each new day seems worse than the last. Sooner or later this state catches up with every liar, some call it a manifestation of conscience. In this situation, the worst thing is that no one with whom to talk about it, because everything around thinking that all is well, human life is beautiful.


Often the person being at the peak of despair,ceases to understand where truth and fiction. The main thing - time to get out of this seemingly vicious circle. This can help only a very close person who is not afraid to reveal their souls. If this is not there, it is better to turn to a psychologist, a specialist will help sort out the situation and solve the internal problems that have accumulated.

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