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Where can I buy fructose


Fructose is a substitute for sugar. It can be used for dietary nutrition or as a substitute for regular sugar. Available in the form of a white powder. It is very sweet, and doctors recommend a day to consume not more than 40 g of this product.

Where can I buy fructose
Use fructose can be in any dish, itCan be added to jam, pastries, sweets. The most frequent consumers of this product are people suffering from diabetes, so look for it in the departments of special food.

Fructose in hypermarkets

In any large store there is a department of products withoutSahara. Usually there are presented sweets, chocolate, wafers on sugar substitutes. There will definitely be fructose next to it. Packaging and the manufacturer may be different, but this does not affect the quality. On the same shelves you can find products with this additive, it can be confiture, biscuits, sweet bars and much more.

Department of dietary nutrition

Special food stores now arise in theDifferent cities. They can specialize in vegetarian products, on dietary products or products for those who can not use any other medicines for medical reasons. Look for those departments where there are diabetic foods. Usually such shops offer several types of fructose in different packages, each one chooses a form convenient for him.

Online Stores

Dietary stores today exist in theThe Internet. The choice in such places is very high, you can order a large assortment. Buy fructose is not difficult, but you can also choose a variety of sweets on this sweetener. Zephyr, marmalade, chocolate and other things will please the customers. Usually these products do not differ in any taste, and they are very similar to those made from simple sugars.

Joint purchases

If you want to save on buying fructose,You can make an order on the sites of joint purchases. The principle of work is very simple: people unite and buy a large volume of goods from the manufacturer at a wholesale price. On products it is possible to reduce expenses by 15-25%, if you take a large amount, it turns out very profitable. Each participant can take any quantity of goods, you can order one pack or a whole container.

Medical centers for diabetics

In some cities there are special institutions,Who work with people with diabetes. In such centers, there are usually small shops where you can buy everything you need with this disease. Usually sugar substitutes are also presented there, among them fructose is found. In addition to buying, you can also provide advice on the use of this substance.


Modern pharmacies offer a wide choiceDifferent things for different strata of the population. They try to satisfy a wide demand, therefore on showcases it is often possible to see and sweets for diabetics. There is also fructose. You can specify the availability at each individual point of sale of medical products.

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