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Where can I buy beads from natural stone


Recently, making jewelry from natural stones in the home is becoming more popular. But beginning magicians sometimes do not know where to find materials for future products.

Where can I buy beads from natural stone
If you want to make a couple of products, thenYou can simply dissolve old beads or a bracelet from semi-precious stones. In the event that you want to open your business in the manufacture and sale of stylish jewelry, you will have to look for stores or companies that are ready to offer customers a wide variety of natural stones or beads made of such materials.

Where can I buy beads from natural stone

You can buy beads from semiprecious stonesIn specialized stores in your city or order them online. Purchase of beads from natural stones in stores is reliable, as you can carefully inspect the products, check the quality and clarify the availability of all necessary certificates before payment. The only drawback to this method of purchase is a large time cost. Also, the purchase of beads in stores is not suitable for residents of small towns, where such institutions are considered very rare.

Ordering beads from natural stones in online stores will seem to be the best option for buying jewelry materials. This is very convenient, because you do not even have to leave the house.

How not to be mistaken when buying beads

Buying beads from natural stones, you are inHalf the cases you can stumble on a fake. In order not to face such troubles, you will have to observe simple precautions. First, any online store must have a certificate that permits the sale of precious and semiprecious stones. Such a document can be laid out in a special section of the site. If you did not find it, and online consultants assure that their products are real, and they are not required to provide certificates to customers, refrain from buying.

Secondly, before buying, carefully studyAssortment of online store. If you see stones of bright, poisonous shades, do not rush to buy it. This may indicate that the bead from the stone was toned. In case of doubt, check the appearance of beads in the store with images of natural stones on specialized sites.

Buying beads from natural stone in unfamiliarOnline store, prefer to choose a way of payment by cash on delivery. So, you can be sure of getting exactly the materials that you ordered. If the beads during delivery are damaged by the fault of the store that packed them poorly, or they do not correspond to what was stated in the order, you can send the parcel back with a request to replace the goods. You will not lose money in this case.

Some stores periodically hold various promotions and give discounts to wholesale buyers. Having won the right moment, you can save your money.

Stone check for authenticity

If you want to buy a large batch of beads fromNatural stones in a regular store, buy first a pair of beads and check it for quality and authenticity. To do this, you can gently break the bead so that its middle can be seen. If it has an even color or differs in white, then the bead is made of plastic or glass. Check the bead on the tint, you can by immersing it in a special solution. You can take the same broken bead and put it in a container with acetone and leave it for a few hours. If the liquid has colored, then the stone bead has been tinted.

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