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Where to buy a mobile phone and what should I pay attention to?


If you have already decided on the mobile modelPhone, then there is one more important question - where to buy it, to remain a satisfied price, not to be disappointed in the quality of the purchase and to be sure of the warranty service? So, what to choose: an online store or a specialized point of sale offline?

Where to buy a mobile phone and what should I pay attention to?

You will need

  • To date, there are many waysBuying a phone. Among them, there are four main groups: an online store, a specialized mobile communication salon, a hypermarket for home appliances and electronics, and an official store of the manufacturer. Comparing the options, you probably pay attention to the fact that the prices for the same model can vary significantly. So first you need to figure out why this is happening. Why are cell phone prices very different in stores?
  • Many buyers before you go onShops, compare the cost of the phone model you like in various retail outlets and often get different results from each other. Of course, prices do not differ at times, but 25- or even 40-percent difference is not so rare. Is it worth it to hurry to the store where you can buy a phone with such an understated price?



The figure on the price tag depends on many indicators, the main ones of which are:
Assembly place

A mobile phone of the same model canGather at different factories of the manufacturer in China, Malaysia, Europe and many other countries. The European assembly is often called "white" and is considered the most high-quality and most expensive, the Chinese - "yellow" and cheaper, because China is cheaper labor. This applies to mobile phones that are assembled in China legally, at official factories of major manufacturers. And how many devices are assembled in "handicraft" factories and sold later, like the original? Of course, the cost of such a product will be low, as well as the price that the seller will set, but the quality of the device will leave much to be desired.


Method of importation

Even a high-quality cell phone can beWas imported into Russia legally and illegally. Look under the back cover of the phone or look at the box from it and find there the sign EAC (sign of compliance with the requirements of the Customs Union). If it is available, it means that this product is certified, if not, it is imported illegally or completely tampered with. Such a cellular phone will cost much less, but in case of a breakdown it will be impossible to repair it in the service center.


Official production

Sometimes you can find very cheap optionsTop expensive phones, but do not hastily make a seemingly profitable purchase. Most likely, in this case the store offers a counterfeit device.

Such devices, assembled, as a rule,Illegally, outwardly completely copy the popular phone models, but their quality does not stand up to any criticism. Naturally, they are not subject to warranty service. Before buying such a phone, you should consider it.

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