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Where to buy shorts with the inscription Sochi 2014


Olympic Games Sochi-2014 - the main sportsThe event of the year in the world. And in Russia - almost the main event of the five-year plan. Residents of the country want to feel part of the Olympics and buy souvenirs and clothes with the symbols of the XXII Winter Games.

Collection for the Russian team
After the 4th of July 2007 in GuatemalaThe 119th session of the International Olympic Committee, the capital of the Winter Olympic Games in 2014 became the Russian city of Sochi, the things branded for this event became very popular. For those who wish to purchase goods with Olympic symbols, there are several different options for action.

1. Bosco stores

There are different collections of clothes: for fans, for athletes and for volunteers

A brand of clothing for sports and outdoor activities. He is an exclusive outfitter of the Russian Olympic and Paralympic teams. Bosco stores are available in almost all cities of Russia and if you decide to buy shorts with the inscription of Sochi-2014, this is exactly the place to go first. Also in retail points of the network you can buy absolutely any thing from the Olympic collection, from socks and ending with suitcases and sports equipment with the emblem of the Olympics. In case you do not have an official Bosco store in your city, you can always order any things you like in the official online store. A pleasant bonus will be a system of discounts in stores and free delivery of Internet orders in Russia).

2. Point of sale near the Olympic facilities

On the territory of Sochi and nearby areas duringThe Olympic and Paralympic Games, there will be points of sale of goods with Olympic symbols: toys, clothes, souvenirs, sports equipment and much more. All products are certified and they are covered by a quality guarantee.

3. Shops-partners of Sochi-2014.

Authorized partner shops of the Olympics in SochiHave the permission of the organizing committee of the Olympic Games to sell branded goods. Such stores are easily recognized by advertising posters in storefronts and bright stands in the store itself. The decoration is traditionally sustained as a quilt with official mascots of the Olympics.

4. Internet-shop of Sochi-2014

On the official site of the Sochi OlympicsThere is a special section where you can buy goods with the official symbols of Sochi-2014. You can be sure that all the things purchased from authorized dealers are high-quality and certified, whether it's shorts with an inscription or a keychain with a talisman-tiger cub.

The Olympic symbolism is present on the clothes of not only people, but also their pets

5. Underground sale from basement shops

Remedies of adjustment with markets thatFilled low-quality counterfeit goods are still found in the cities of Russia and the CIS. Despite the fact that the departments for combating economic crimes and RosPotrebNadzor are trying to fight both bazaars and markets, some of them still thrive. On the shelves of the merchants here you can find anything: from the unknown brand "Abibas" to the goods with pseudo-official symbols of the Olympic Games. Buying goods in these places, be careful: on shorts instead of the inscription "SOCHI2014" there may well be something like "SO4I2O14" and similar variants of writing.

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