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Where to buy jeans with high waist


Recently, the fashion for jeans with high waist starts to gain momentum. But those who decided to buy themselves a model of jeans, have to spend a lot of time searching.

Where to buy jeans with high waist
Virtually all clothing stores are overloaded todayJeans with a low (Brazilian) landing. These jeans trousers look impressive on the girls of model appearance. And what do the fans of jeans with medium or high planting?

Internet as salvation

If the search for jeans with high waist in storesCities were not crowned with success, then you will have to look for such a wardrobe item in online stores. Do not discriminate against the sites of Chinese shops: sometimes it is there you can find very interesting and necessary things. In such online stores you can find not only ordinary high-waisted jeans without decorative elements, but even intricate items - denim trousers with an asymmetrical coquette or stitchwork made in patchwork style.

It is very rare to find jeans with a highPlanting and in the famous fashion catalogs of firms OTTO, Bonprix, Wildberries, lamoda. The only drawbacks of buying things on these catalogs are difficulties with the selection of size, inflated value, and lack of diversity.

Find jeans with high waist in clothing storesThe city is almost unrealistic, since only those products that are in demand are imported there (today they are jeans with decorative abrasions and low planting).


If you order jeans in an online store,Then you need to take into account several details related to the size of clothing, cost, methods of payment and delivery. In spite of the fact that almost all the shops indicate all the information about the sizes, photos of products from several angles and the type of fabric on the websites, you can order a thing that is small or does not suit you in color. That is why it is worthwhile to clarify the extent of stretching of the consultants, what sizes are indicated (Russian, American, French, etc.).

All online stores that sell jeansWith a high waist, offer the buyer several methods of payment - electronic money, cash or cash on delivery. If you doubt the reliability of the store, then it is best to choose the last type of payment. You can even return jeans with a high fit to the store and demand money (you need to open the parcel in the mail and in the presence of the post office employee).

In the case of ordering jeans with a high waist ofChinese online store should not expect fast delivery - the parcel will go at least 3-4 weeks to Moscow. The speed of delivery of your favorite jeans is also worth checking with the consultants.

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