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WHERE buried Ivan the Terrible

Where he buried Ivan the Terrible

Ivan Vasilyevich (Ivan the Terrible) dynastyRurik was born in the village of Kolomenskoye August 25, 1530. He went down in history as one of the most brutal rulers differed violent temper and had a persecution complex.

However, modern historians are increasingly cast doubt on this view of historical characters Time of Troubles.

Formally, Ivan became king in three years,but initially Rus rules his mother Elena Glinskaya with approximate, however, in the 30 years Glinskaya died, likely from poisoning. Time of death of Basil the third to the coronation of his son Ivan called Troubles, it is the rule of the council of seven, arbitrariness in the power of boyars. Historical documents have come down to posterity, they have a lot of contradictions, moreover, some of them obviously forged and copied, but because of who it was with the king nickname Grozny as the rules and how to die, we can only guess.

By the way, Ivan the Terrible - the first king in Russia.


The views of the Moscow tsar, ascended to the 15 yearsto the throne, to reign was similar to Byzantine notions of bogovenchannyh kings, God's messengers, who have unlimited power. It is in particular the vision of its destiny lies the well-known affection of Ivan the Terrible to the clerics and monks, his frantic prayers and demonstrations long service in the personal chambers.
After the assassination attempt and the famous Moscowuprising Ivan protect themselves from the entire state of approximate circle, which he called the Selected Rada. Board it as one would say now, was a directive, many functions have been delegated to the gatherings. which abolished only Peter. However, this does not prevent Ivan the Terrible of Law to create, according to which the descendants have lived for centuries, to carry out major reforms in the fields of politics, the army, the legal system and government, to conquer Kazan, Astrakhan, Bashkiria and Western Siberia.


It is known that the king attempted more15 times, any attempt Terrible knew, moreover, in terms of reprisals against the conspirators he participated personally. It is obvious that the constant threat of death have been greatly struck by the mind of the king. His last days are described very confusing, historical data are in conflict with each other, however, is likely to Grozny, he died after a long illness: according to researchers at the Ivan developed osteophytes, which prevented him from walking. He moved on a stretcher. Scientists say the disease 50-year-old king reminded disease elderly. March 16 Ivan the Terrible fell into unconsciousness, and March 18 in the afternoon he died. Until there is still a mystery, was a natural death, or the king is still poisoned.
During the life of Ivan bequeathed to burydyakonnike himself in the altar, wanting to show everyone the importance of his reign. At the behest of a suicide king was buried in the crypt of the cathedral's Kremlin in the funeral hall of state governors in the male line.

To this day, the king's body rests in the Archangel Cathedral, despite the fact that the tomb tried to open several times.

The tomb of the first king decorates the copper casingwhich was made in the early 20th century. Under the hood is a tombstone made of bricks, and under the tomb is a sarcophagus made of solid limestone. The sarcophagus covering slab of white stone on which is written the name and dates of the life and death of Ivan Vasilyevich.

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