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Where better to relax in the summer

Where better to relax in the summer

Where and how to spend summer vacation people decide based on a number of factors.

Here we must take into account the material resources, health status, own tastes, preferences and wishes of other family members if the family vacation will be, and more.

The carefully thought out in advance will be all the more likely that the summer holidays bring a lot of positive impressions and will benefit.

Where can I go for beach lovers

Visit beloved by millions of Russians in the summer of EgyptIt not recommended, as this time of year it is very hot. For example, in June, the average temperature is + 34 ° C. It is better to opt for Greece, Italy, Spain, Croatia. The summer months there is also very warm, but still cooler than the Red Sea coast. In addition, on the coast of the Greek islands (including such popular tourist destination as Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, Kos and others), almost constantly blowing breeze that softens the heat.
If finances allow, you can go totropical islands such as the Maldives, Mauritius, Barbados, Cuba. There are beautiful sandy beaches and very clear sea. But to visit the island in June, it is not necessary, as there are at this time is very rainy weather.
If the family is going to rest with small children,especially non-swimmers, a good choice is the Italian seaside resort of Rimini. There are excellent sandy beaches and very gentle entry into the water. The temperature in the summer ranges from + 25-30oS.
Beach lovers can relaxthe resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. On the Black Sea coast of the beautiful nature and a lot of interesting sights. Azov Sea Coast monotonous and almost devoid of vegetation, but the water in the shallow pond in the summer is very warm. In addition, there is a more economical holiday and troublesome, because you do not have a visa.
If a person does not tolerate heat, sensiblestop the choice on the Baltic seaside resorts - Jurmala, Palanga. However, the water in the Baltic Sea even in midsummer pretty cool, but there will be no problems with acclimatization. Finally, you can go to the resort or recreation center, which are located on the banks of the river, lake or reservoir, which is equipped with beach.

Where to spend time lovers of active holidays

Not all people choose to swim in the summer andsunbathing, sometimes getting out on excursions to local attractions. Many people like leisure. These services hikes of varying degrees of difficulty, hiking, horseback riding and river. Many gardeners prefer to spend their summer holidays in the cottages, where there is always work.
Some tourists in the summer go to the bustour of various European countries, to a relatively short time and see all the sights. Also, fans of outdoor activities you can find a hotel in any convenient location of the city, and ride in the surrounding cities of their own, with the help of public transport. For example, a popular Italian resort of Rimini, on the north coast of the Adriatic Sea, you can easily reach the cities of Bologna, Ravenna, where there are many historical and architectural monuments. From Bologna, in turn, takes you to the cities of Verona and Florence, which abound in the beautiful sights.

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