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WHERE it is better to have a rest in Goa


Anjuna Beach</a>

India is very popular among tourists around the world.

Excellent service, lots of romantic places for lovers, hotels for family holidays or fun times.

Goa is a very small state of India, but with a well-developed infrastructure. Goa is divided into northern and southern parts, they differ in the quality of service and have a number of features.

Rest in the northern part of Goa

In the northern part of the state are mainly located2 and 3 star hotels. The audience in this part is very diverse. Here you can meet the poor Hindus, students from different countries. It is a budget vacation that attracts tourists to the northern part. A lot of nightclubs attract crowds of young people here. Especially northern Goa is famous for its parties with trance music.
The most incendiary trans-parties take place onBeach of Arambol. Here is the famous yoga center, which was founded by Russian girls a few years ago. Fans of meditation are flocking here. Morjim Beach is the most expensive place in northern Goa. There are a lot of Russians who live in this part of the state. For tourists open restaurants with Russian cuisine, built cottages for a comfortable stay.
Shoppers need to visit the beachAnjuna. It is here that the famous flea market is located. It unfolds every Wednesday and amazes with its scale even the most inveterate shopaholics.

Holiday in the southern part of Goa

The most golden sand is in the south of Goa. There are comfortable hotels that have a category of 4 or 5 stars. Of course, the cost of living and recreation in this part differs from the north. The southern part of Goa is a great place for a romantic getaway. Nowhere is there so many secluded and paradisiacal corners, as here.
Beaches in the southern part of Goa are very wide, coveredGolden or even white sand. Excellent rest from the crowd of people can be on the beach Welsao. This is a very secluded and quiet place, away from shops and shopping arcades.
Most tourists on the beach Kolva. There are a lot of different shops, restaurants and places for recreation with children. Attractions of southern Goa are numerous fishing villages. They are always well received by tourists, here you can try a variety of seafood dishes.
Rest in Goa is remembered forever. Everyone will find in this state a place for interests. All the entertainment: shops, restaurants and discos work in Goa almost around the clock. Local residents with pleasure meet Russian tourists and try to make their vacation more comfortable and interesting.

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