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Where better to put the piano


No matter what instrument you bought: acoustic or electronic, you should decide where to best put it?

Place the tool should not be constant over time, you can rearrange it in a more convenient area.

However, you must follow a few rules.



First opasnost- it to direct sunlightSveta. Even if he gets through the thick curtains or blinds, after a while the tool may be damaged. The acoustic pianos are so many wooden details, and the body itself is made of wood. Sunlight tree can swell or dry, which not only leads to the appearance of deformations, cracking, and distortion in the sound.


Pay close attention to changes in temperaturemode. It is very dangerous to expose the piano to sudden changes in temperature. Pay particular attention to the change in temperature in the room in the offseason, ie autumn and spring. It is better to put the tool near the inner wall instead of the outer. It is useful to put the piano into the jar with water to prevent drying of wood on hot days.


Make sure that the room in whichtool is well ventilated. Very important is good ventilation to prevent accumulation of moisture in the acoustic instrument. If you have an electronic instrument, the ventilation is important for cooling. Do not put a piano next to a radiator or air conditioning. If the room where the piano is good air movement, then your tool will "feel" comfortable.


The appearance of the tool is also very important. On the piano do not place heavy or sharp objects. You can not hang up on the Bookshelf, which can fall off and ruin an expensive tool. Flowers also clean better, as when watering the water may be on the piano.

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