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Where better to live

Where better to live - in the city or outside the city

Life in the city and the life beyond it are very different.

The town has all the amenities for a living, butits pollution and vanity sometimes tire. Beyond this there is all that is lacking in the mega-cities, but the lack of comfortable conditions also leaves its mark.

Therefore, the question regarding where to live better is debatable.

Advantages and disadvantages of urban life

On the positive side of urban life can beinclude the presence of a well-maintained apartments. In this scenario, no problem heating, electricity, garbage collection. In addition, the apartment has a cold, hot water and other delights of housing and communal services. Typically, when staying in the city limits there is no difficulty in moving to work. If the work activity is carried out close to home, you can walk, if far away - you can get on the subway, taxi, private car or public transport. Pre-school and school institutions, as a rule, are located within walking distance from home. A outlets can be located directly on the ground floor of a residential high-rises. The city has many entertainment places.
In addition to the advantages of life in the city has its drawbacks. The apartment, though well, has a limited space. This is especially felt in the organization of a feast with some of the guests. The walls of the apartment have a low noise isolation and do not allow loud listening to music, singing, dancing, since it prevents all the neighbors. In high-rise buildings there is a risk to be flooded neighbors above and risk themselves to fill the tenants downstairs. Yards of houses are constantly made to cars. Get some fresh air in the city practically it is not possible.

Advantages and disadvantages of living in the country

The advantages of living in the country a lot. You can build a house of any size. The main thing is not to limit the financial possibilities. You can also equip it on their own. There is an opportunity to organize a party with any number of guests. You can sing and dance late into the night - the neighbors do not make a claim. In addition, guests for the night can be placed in the guest rooms. It is very convenient that it is not necessary to go far for a car because the garage is located next to the house. Outside the city, you can build your own bath-house, gazebo, lawn break. It is possible to have a garden land. An additional advantage can be considered in the presence of the nearby area of ​​the river or forest. the air is clean and fresh Away from the city.
Rural life has its difficulties. In most cases, without a personal vehicle can not do here. Since public transport is not possible to get to your destination, there is a certain dependence on the vehicle. Daily cost of gasoline can lead to horror. Living in the country can be dangerous during the cold season. Snow swept road is not always possible to go even if the emergency. Besides all this, you need to decide on the work and education of children - ski day in the city or park in their locality. Activities under these conditions are practically absent, which could start to weigh on the lead a secular lifestyle, family.
Thus, much more practical still live incity. Country house convenient to have a garden instead. In summer you can go skating, take a break from the bustle, barbecue, a breath of fresh air and gain strength to return to his beloved city.

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