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Where better to do on a programmer?

Where better to do on a programmer?

Job-related programming, today is one of the most sought-after in the world. This is why many students are thinking about a career programmer.

But to be in demand, you need to have high-quality knowledge.

To do this, you need to select the right university.

Choose city

Before you choose a school, which will teach you a good programmer, you need to decide on the geographical area, within which you can move freely.
Very often, the decision of the seniorimposed restrictions and parental advice. This applies not only to the choice of future profession, but also to choose the city. Sometimes the family can not afford child support in a big city, or do not want to let go of his "native wing."
But do not forget that it was in the big cityyou have a better chance to receive a quality education and "get on in the world." In Russia, the most emblematic student city is Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Moscow. But this does not mean that in other large settlements there are no good schools, where they teach the programmer.

The desire to go to college is not the big cityalways justified, especially if the CSE scores low. Almost every university has a technical focus faculty associated with programming.

Moscow universities

Moscow State TechnicalUniversity. NE Bauman is among the five best Russian universities in the specialty program. To do is not very difficult to Bauman as a programmer, but to unlearn and finish for many is impossible.
Another not very popular university in Moscow hasMGIU name. One of the main MGIU - informatics. There is a computer science and applied with little passing grade, and business informatics. University promises a successful employment all to wean their students.

Programmer Trainee in average in Russia obtained 35 thousand. P., A specialist about 80 thousand. P., And lead programmer 110 thousand. P.


If you decide to enroll in university in Novosibirsk, look at such institutions SGUPS and NSU.
Siberian Transport University, and the message doesits specification. The Faculty of Business Informatics students train programming, but all tasks aimed at preparing specialists in transport.
Programming is closely related to mathematics,therefore, at the Novosibirsk State University at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics Department has associated with computer technology. These are called the department of mathematics and computer science and applied mathematics and computer science. But it is very difficult to study here: the program a lot of physics and mathematics.

Universities of St. Petersburg

Select a school in St. Petersburg, a little harder than in Novosibirsk, at least, because here their number is much higher.
The most prestigious programming planis a University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO). The Faculty of Information Technology and programming in this high school is usually very high passing scores and high competition. But IFMO professionals are always in demand in the labor market.
If you can not afford to risk and want toact only on a budgetary place, then pay attention to the SUT. University Communications also has a faculty, where studying programming, but the competition is lower here than in ITMO. Moreover, the new building of SUT, which are almost all classes, only strengthens the desire to learn.

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