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Where better to buy a cottage

Where better to buy a cottage

Many citizens have already realized the benefits and advantages of their own suburban areas, they acquire not only to gardening, but simply for going on nature.

A small house on the land, located near the forest and pond, allow you to spend the weekend there, communicating with nature, resting and gathering strength.

If you and your family have decided to purchase a property, you need to decide in advance where to buy the cottage is best, and then consider all appropriate options.

Determine the optimal distance at whichIt will be located cottage. If you go at it over the weekend, it makes sense to buy a lot better. In that case, when it will live all summer, and you can buy cheaper land located a few hours drive.

Be sure to note that the house was notlocated in geopathogenic zone. Where energy is unhealthy, even trees grow stunted and crooked. In such a place, and you will feel not very good. Choose an area on which grow up healthy, straight and tall trees. Well, if in the area have bird nests, it is also an indication that the place is favorable for living.

Check your map area, which is locatedcottage to her side were not in large industrial plants, chemical plants, landfills. Talk to those who live nearby, find out if they like this place.

Distance from the garden also has a public roadvalue. On the one hand, convenient transportation - it's good, but standing on a kind furnished house in the off-season can attract the unwanted attention of fans of easy money.

Make sure the water is near. Ideal - a well or a column on a country site. Also, you must have communications - electricity, gas. Their eyeliner to the country, in case of absence, you will stand a pretty penny. If you are going to build a country house from scratch, there is no reason to buy land with buildings. The empty plot of land will be cheaper.

If possible, buy a dacha in the wrong place,where people live all year round. Now it is possible to obtain permanent registration at the suburban area, so many young families, and retirees prefer to build capital building and live in cottages all year round. Such neighborhood will help you keep your property, and - for the cottage will always be someone to look after.

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