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WHERE arrange a photo shoot the newlyweds when the street rain

Where to arrange a photo shoot the newlyweds when the street rain

Of course, the wedding day is definitely happy, but if the rain on the street, when taking pictures can be problems.

In our climate, rain is not uncommon, rareSummer is issued without rain. For agriculture, this is a good thing, but for a summer photo shoot can be an unpleasant surprise, because the bride wants to look perfect in front of the camera, and rain can wash away the fine imposed makeup, spoil her hair, done by a professional, elegant dress.

Helpful advice: if you have studied the weather forecast and saw a highchance of rain, should be reserved umbrellas and raincoats, however please note that if you decide to be photographed with an umbrella in the rain Black umbrella spoil the happy mood pictures. Buy some bright umbrellas and raincoats for the young couple and their witnesses.

Not the most original place for photographingin the rain it will be a museum, but a great way out in bad weather, and under clear sun can capture yourself in the beautiful and staterooms (Attention! Some museums, organizations may charge a fee for photography). Similarly, not an original, but a comfortable place - a café or restaurant. In the decorated banquet hall can make a small but fun photo shoot with family and friends. Incidentally, in this case, and you can play, for example, to arrange in the registry office or cafe costume photo shoot and let the costumes will be a surprise for all participants. I would also like to say, it is not necessary to arrange a photo session in the restaurant where a banquet is planned. You can find a restaurant with extraordinary decor and remove the love story there. Specially equipped photographic studio, too, will be an excellent access to the bad weather.

Finally, we note that it is possible to finda lot of places for a photo shoot in nature, and it stores historical places of your city, place of work or study. The main thing that was comfortable models in the selected environment and this beautiful day were great memories.

Where to arrange a photo shoot the newlyweds when the street rain

Helpful advice: if you upset that your wedding fell onrainy day, then check the nearest date of marriage of a new photoshoot, with the invention arranged informally. date "month of the wedding day," Perfect.

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