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Where there are mermaids


In traditional Slavic mythology, a mermaidIs considered an anthropoid being of the female, less often of a male, sex, which knocks down travelers from the road, winds them into the forest thicket or drags them under the water and drowns in swamps and rivers. Most often mermaids are depicted naked, with long flowing hair and with a powerful fish tail. In various fairy tales and myths, there are several species of mermaids that differ in their habitat.

River mermaids

Mermaids, according to the ancient Slavs, living on the bottomRivers belong to river mermaids. They can look very impressive: young green-eyed girls with a good figure, dismissed well-groomed hair, the upper half of their body has a human face, the bottom one looks like a fish-tail covered with green scales. They are able to create their own voice and songs to guide the spell (the marble), trapped in a trap, being dragged into the water for entertainment or boredom. In some cases, folklore indicates that mermaids eat the flesh of people, although this statement is more characteristic of Western mythology. Mermaids are young, not crowned girls, drowned or drowned in water in some pond. Therefore, under the general name "river mermaids" are also meant lake mermaids and mermaids, which are found in wells. You can also meet them in the floodplains of rivers and shady creeks.

You can distinguish a mermaid by the pale skin color, cold hands and hair with a greenish tint.

Woody mermaids

Another kind of mermaids lives on spreading branchesTrees, most often oaks, apple trees, willows. Such a mermaid can be seen on a hot summer day in forests and groves away from settlements. She is more harmless than her river sisters, does not attack people, just sits on branches, dangling her tail and combing her long, beautiful hair with a comb. This kind of water maidens often helps those who have lost their way, but sometimes, when they are bored, like to play with live people, pointing the wrong direction, winding into the forest thicket. They laugh at the traveler, proud of their ability to enchant all who fall under their spell.

Field mermaids

Field bumps are very different from othersKinds of mermaids. They do not have a tail, walk on two legs, often naked or in a long white shirt with invariably long flowing hair. They lead dances in the fields and on the glades under the moon, sing songs, weave wreaths of flowers, lead a "gregarious" way of life. It is very difficult to meet such a mermaid, they are afraid of people and try to get out of the way in advance. For merma round dances you can only peek because of trees or bushes. Mermaids people may not see, but they feel it and, until it poses a danger to them, they allow themselves to be looked at, but if they feel wrong, they either run away or dissolve in the air, turning into a predawn fog.

Attitude to mermaids in the majority though and negative, but respectful. In Slavic conspiracies mothers ask mermaids not to touch their children, in return for the proposed gift.

Sea mermaids

Sea mermaids, they were also called sirens,Western mythology. They are similar to river Slavic unds: they are also beautiful and aggressive, their main difference is that they are not drowned, sea mermaids are the daughter of the underwater king Triton. In addition, these water nymphs like real jewelry in the form of necklaces of pearls and precious stones. There are a lot of legends according to which mermaids with their singing forced the captains of ships to direct the ship to reefs and rocks, the ships crashed and went to the bottom, and sailors were heated by mermaids.

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