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Where are the black gates


Port Nigra (Black Gate) is a businessA card of the West German city of Trier. It is one of the oldest cities in Germany, it is more than 2 thousand years old. Along with several other architectural monuments of Trier, Porta Nigra are on the list of sites protected by UNESCO.

Where are the black gates
Its name was given to the Black Gate in the Middle Ages because of the color of the stone from which they were built. Sandstone, originally light, eventually darkened.

Although Porta Nigra is located in Germany, theirThe ancient Romans were engaged in the construction. At the time of the construction of the gate (180 AD), these lands belonged to the Roman Empire. It is believed that the city of Trier was founded in the beginning of our era by the emperor Augustus and originally it was called Augusta Treverorum, the second name is Northern Rome.

History of the Black Gate

The gates were built as urban and forCustoms inspection. They were part of the city walls, the length of which was 6.4 km, and the height - 6 m. The construction of the gate did not use cement. Roman masters from light sandstone sawed out large square blocks, the weight of some of them reached 6 tons. The work used bronze saws, driven by a wheel mill.

Further, the stone slabs went up withWooden winches, connected with iron staples and welded with liquid tin. Tourists can see holes and traces of rust in the masonry of the gate. In the old days, when the metal was in short supply, the citizens of Trier dug iron stakes from the stones.

It is believed that the gates themselves were preserved thanks toSimeon of Syracuse (Tvirsky). This Greek hermit in 1030 ordered to live alive in one of the gate towers, where 5 years later he died. Simeon of Tvirsky was soon canonized.

After some time at the place where the recluseServed a voluntary imprisonment, a church dedicated to him was built. Simeon. A male monastery was founded nearby. The church and the monastery lasted until 1804. Destroy them ordered the Emperor Napoleon after the capture of Trier by his troops.

Excursions to Porta Nigra

Currently, the Port of Nigra is open toTourists. The image of the gate is used in logos, on postage stamps, in the emblems of clubs. Although the sandstone has darkened from time and winds, the Black Gate produces a grand impression. Their width is 36 m, and height - 29.3 m. Despite the venerable age, the historical landmark has been well preserved and is constantly being restored.

The gates are in the pedestrian zone. The passage of cars through them is closed due to the harmful effects of exhaust gases on the sandstone. Before the tourists who mastered the four floors of the structure and climbed to the very top, there are picturesque views. On the roof there is a museum and a small souvenir shop.

Once in Germany, be sure to inspect the Black Gate - a beautifully preserved structure, the largest antique gate in the world.

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