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WHERE appeal

Where appeal

The decision of the trial court, the exam result, the estimate obtained in the exam in the traffic police, studies or other educational institution may be appealed to the appeal.

Disagreement is made in writing, specifying the differences and outlining the circumstances of the case.

Serve on the appeal shall have the right person, who consider them unjust verdict handed down, as well as their legal representatives, who have duly executed powers.

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  • Computer, printer, paper, pen, money.



An organization or a citizen, arguing that the courtFirst Instance wrongly identified or proven established facts, relevant to the case and the fact that in addressing the findings do not match the circumstances of the case and wrongly applied substantive law to appeal.


An appeal against the lower court decision in writtenaddress superior to the jurisdiction of the judicial authority. Attached to the application required documents and their copies on the number of persons involved in the case, and make sure the receipt on payment of state duty.


Complaint to the magistrate's decision is fed throughthe magistrate who issued the decision. For a review of the decision of the district court in a civil case appeal is addressed to the Regional Court or the Judicial Board through the office of the court which made the decision. Decisions of the arbitration court of the first instance be appealed in the order of appeal and by an appeal through the office of the tribunal, which is sent to the application.


The legislation provides for filing a complaintdirectly to the court of appeal. In this case, it will be sent to the court which adopted the contested decision, which subsequently sends the complaint to the higher court for verification has not entered into force.


The order of the unified stateExam regulates rules, duration and place of receipt of the appeal. CSE Member may appeal the violation of the established order of the exam, immediately after the examination in general subjects, without leaving the point of the exam, the authorized representative of the State Examination Commission. The representative, in turn, creates a commission to verify the statement of the facts. Appealed and the committee on the audit committee examines the conflict.


Appeals statement of disagreement withScoring points made by the head of the exam or the secretary of the educational institution where the participant has been admitted to the exam. Head paragraph of the exam or educational institution that made the appeal shall immediately forward it to the Commission of a conflict.


In accordance with the Rules of delivery of promotionexams and driving license exam results can be appealed to a candidate for the drivers in the administrative or judicial procedure. The appeal is served in MREO traffic police department or court on the location of the body, was taking driving tests.

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