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Where and when to go to study in the barber

Where and when to go to study in the barber

Profession hairdresser is associated with beauty and transformation.

Early people with skills hairdressing, barbers were called, and their work is respected. Now learn this art is much easier than in those days.

You only have the desire.



Entered the barber in a specializedcollege or school. So you will be able to master this profession for free (if you get a budget place). In these schools you will have to unlearn from 2 to 4 years, depending on which class after you arrive (9th or 11th).


A decent alternative to secondary specialeducation can be regarded as special courses in hairdressing. Their duration can be totally different (from 3 to 11 months), all depends on the agency in which you are enrolled in the study. Option to take courses will suit you if you're in school, university or already running. Schedule of courses usually adapts to students.


If you want to receive the hairdresserSpecialty combine to higher education, find a college that has the faculty. For example, the profession can be learned in the Penza State University of Technology and the Institute of International Law, Economics, Humanities and Management named after KV Rossinsky. For admission is usually required to pass exams in Russian language and history.


As the barber profession is quite extensiveand includes a variety of areas, ranging from weaving dreadlocks and afrokosichek, finishing fashionable haircuts and coloring, should focus on regular training and improvement of their skills.


Initially every student receives a basic levelknowledge of hairdressing. He is taught the basic techniques of men's, women's and children's haircuts, coloring and hair highlighting, teach weaving skills and the basics of style. After finishing the first phase of his training, the hairdresser can continue to develop in a separate area.

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