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Where and what to store tires

Where and what to store tires

Tyre Change - the process is fairly complex. It is not enough just to replace the summer to winter and vice versa.

It is necessary also to organize the storage of tires, so that for the season, they will have to wait until next perebortirovaniya, they did not come into disrepair.

Despite the fact that the number of motorists on the roads is constantly growing, not all of them know how to properly store the tires.

Keep tires should be according to certain rules. Otherwise you risk getting deformed rubber on which ride is downright dangerous.

General storage rules

Before you send the bus for storage, theiryou need to wash and clean off the dirt and gravel stuck in the tread. In addition, you need to put down on a special marking tires. For example, using reducing P.L.Z. Where PL - front left, LZ - left rear, etc. The next change is recommended to swap the tires. Experts say that such a measure would balance the tire wear.

Defining storage, note thatthey should be there, where they will not be exposed to light, low humidity and no fat and oil. All of these can severely shorten the life of tires.

One of the main issues that arise inconnection with the storage of rubber - as they need to fold (with or without wheels). From this choice depends on the rubber formulation. For example, if the disk and can not be set vertically. This is due to the fact that the discs will put pressure on the tires, and the last is easily deformed. In this situation the wheels need to be laid on each other on a flat surface.

If it is possible, with the discs the tire can be hung. In this case, the rubber deformation can be avoided.

If the tires are stored without drives, betterjust install them for storage vertically. This is due to the fact that the tire laying one on another without disks they will be forced on the edges under its own weight.

With this method, once a month storage they should turn in order to avoid deformation.

Features storage of winter tires

Winter tires - one of the essential attributes of winter driving. According to the rules, the last date recommended for rubber shift - on 15 November.

Naturally, before replacement is necessary winter tiresexamine carefully. For example, if studded tires, and it dropped from almost all spikes ride such a insecure. Problems on the road can cause erased and protectors.

For winter tires you do not tossed surprises before the season, when they need to change juicy, take care of them properly stored.

Tires necessarily wash and dry. If you are going to store winter tires on disks, install them horizontally pile. So you can avoid the damage of rubber in the event of any touching, her other subjects.

Also be sure to check up the state of the air in the room where you will put the winter tires. If it is too dry, the rubber can be cracked.

There are commercially available special boxes for storing tires. However, it should be remembered that there can only store summer tires. After all, summer in a box temperature can reach 70 ° C. And this is a very strong effect on the state of soft rubber. Winter is traditionally softer summer, so the worst carries too high a temperature.

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