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Where and how to get your TIN

Where and how to get your TIN

Today, anyone person can easilytake for yourself identification number. In this case, you need only to apply to a special body (the tax office) or to submit an application through the online service.

the Inn itself has a special code that allows the tax authorities to streamline all payers of different taxes.

Get the code

To obtain the tax payer's code, anywanting at his residence just need to contact the Inspectorate of Taxes. With a need to grab a copy of your passport and fill out an application. The very form usually can be found on the bulletin board of the tax. Then you need to wait some time (usually several days) and come ready for the document.

If you want to get the VAT number of a relative or other acquaintance, will give a power of attorney with notarized signature is necessary.

In addition, you can get a number of the payertaxes, using the proven years of service - mail. But it will take a notary certify a copy of the passport with an attached filled according to the sample application in the mail sent to the local tax organization registered letter with acknowledgment. The envelope sure to make a note "For a tax payer number."

Electronic services

At present, available another convenient wayobtaining TIN, which does not need to go anywhere or send a letter to the inspection. We need to find on the Internet page of the website of the Federal Tax Service, where to enter all information about yourself in the usual standard form. When the sections are filled, ready-made application will need to be saved by clicking on the appropriate button.
Further, in the first section of "Basic information" you need to enter data in the field with the obligatory indication of the surname, name, patronymic, date and place of birth, as well as specify gender.
The next block - it is the data about the place of residence withmust address and place of residence. In the next section, filled with the Citizenship data indicate the country code and the data entered on the document. Then this application, you can easily save it to your computer, and then rearrange the tax through the contact form on the website or by e-mail.

The FTS implemented electronic registration serviceapplications, but because of the loss can not worry, it will not be lost e-mail, moreover, to your e-mail will be notified and the registration number.

Also a registered user toview the status of the application and the number of TIN, if he forgot it. This service allows you to eliminate the possibility of standing in queues to submit documents, but to obtain the necessary room for them to come and sign the receipt. When the applicant is not possible to personally collect VAT from the tax office, it can be sent via registered mail.

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