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Where and how much to store cosmetics


In the summer without a refrigerator simply can not do,The products quickly become unusable in the heat. But what about cosmetic products? How to store cosmetics so that it does not harm our health? There are several simple rules for storing cosmetics that everyone should know.

Where and how to store cosmetics

Lipstick can last up to 18 months, if you store lipstick in the refrigerator, at a temperature of up to +5 degrees C.

Cosmetic pencils can also be stored for up to 18 months at room temperature and away from light sources.

Mascara can be stored for up to six months, keepingIts away from the lamps and hot batteries. Compact powder should not be stored for more than 24 months, while it should not be kept near light sources and batteries.

It is better to keep the tone cream in the refrigerator, while keeping it for longer than one year should not be. The same goes for skin care products, such as tonics, scrubs and creams.

Do not freeze cosmetics, from low temperatures, they come into disrepair.

The shortest period of storage for mascara,If you store mascara for more than six months, it creates pathogenic microorganisms that can cause reddening of the eyelids and lead to inflammatory processes.

Lipstick, which has become unusable, has the property of rolling into lumps on the lips, and has a very unpleasant smell. From this lipstick should immediately get rid of.

Eye shadow, according to its consistency, is divided into liquid and dry. Liquid shadows become worthless in about a year and a half. The dry shelf life is about three years.

Unopened perfume bottle can be stored 2of the year. If the vial is printed, then it is not worth keeping it for a year and a half. Perfume should not be left next to light sources and heating appliances.

Knowing how and where to store cosmetics, you can avoid a lot of trouble, as well as worn out cosmetic products can cause considerable harm to beauty and health.

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