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Where and how to apply for the USE


A single state exam is alreadyYear is an integral part of the education system in the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, when there is a need to pass the USE, not everyone knows what the procedure for its passage consists of.

General information

Registration of applicants can pass the USEProduced either by the Ministry of Education of the subject of the Russian Federation, or by the department of education of the city or district, depending on the procedure for passing a unified state examination in a separate region. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify which educational authority is responsible for registering the exam participants in your place of residence. It is also necessary to know that during the state examination there are two waves of delivery: the main one, which is held from May to June, and the additional one, held in July.

Main wave

In order to pass the USE in regular time, you needNot later than March 1 of the current year, write an appropriate application, in which it is necessary to indicate the list of subjects to be surrendered. Graduates of the current year apply to the educational institutions in which they are currently studying. Graduates of past years apply to the local department of education. After the application for the passing of the USE is submitted, it is necessary to receive a special pass for the exam before May 10. Graduates of current years receive this document in the same place where they applied, ie. In their educational institution. Accordingly, the remaining wishing to take the USE receive a pass in the department of education.

When receiving a pass, make sure that it contains all the necessary entries:
- the list of subjects
- the location of the point of passing the exam-
- date, time of the state examination-
- codes of the educational institution and the location of the USE.

In addition, in addition to the pass, it is necessary to takeDocuments with the rules of the examination, filling in forms, instructions on arrival at the place of delivery of the Unified State Examination. With these documents you need to carefully read to avoid unnecessary problems.

Additional wave

In additional time to hand over a singleState exams are eligible for graduates of past years, as well as graduates of the current year who did not have the opportunity to take part in the passing of the USE in regular time. In order to pass the exam in an additional wave, you need to apply from June 20 to July 4. The application must be submitted either to a secondary school or to an institution of higher learning, depending on which educational institution you are seeking to get by the results of the passing of the USE. Pass participants of the exam receive the same place where they wrote the application. As a rule, this document is issued immediately after the application is written. In addition, remember that documents with information, instructions on passing the USE at the point of carrying out are not required, so take care of it in advance at home.

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