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Where and how to buy a house in Skyrim

Where and how to buy a house in Skyrim

Computer game The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim RPG genre is one of the most popular in the world. Despite the fact that it was published back in 2011, the number of its fans is still growing.

Not the least role in this is the openness of the game world and the non-linearity of the plot, which allows everyone to find something for everyone: there you can even get married and buy property.

Skyrim does not require hard following playersstoryline, and this compares favorably with many other role-playing games. Basically, a player may not carry out tasks related to the main plot, instead doing other things: the strengthening of the authority in the guild of assassins, the hunting of giants and dragons, enrichment or real estate investments.

cheap houses

five houses can be bought in the game,located in the largest cities of the country. The first of these is called the "House of warm winds," he is in Whiterun, which brings the hero storyline. The right to buy this 5000 septims value of the house after the character gets the job "Windy Peak." The house is quite comfortable, especially after all the improvements, which will cost more in 1800 septims.
A little more to pay for the house inMarkarth cities and Riften. Each of the buildings is 8000 septims, but in order to earn the right to buy them, will have to make some effort. So, in Riften need to provide services to several residents and to stop the drug trade, as well as run an errand Jarl concerning bandits. With regard Markarth, then you can buy a house just by being at least 20 levels. In addition, the required special services to the ruler of the city and its inhabitants.

Luxury real estate Skyrim

The northern city is the most Windhelma large house in the game, which is called "Herim". To his purchase was made possible, your hero will have to pass a side storyline of the civil war, by one of the parties, as well as carry out the task "Blood on the ice." The house will cost 12 thousand septims, and all the improvements - even in 8000.
Finally, real estate in the capital - the citySolitude, as in real life, is the most expensive. House "Tall spire", located near the Imperial Palace, will cost 25,000 septims, and that it is fully improved, will have to spend another 11 thousand. For the money the player gets three-story house, in which there is an alchemy lab, enchantment table, rack for armor, several bedrooms and a lot of chests. Buy "The high steeple" by completing tasks of citizens, and the manager Jarl of Solitude.
Each house provides its ownerthe ability to secure storage and comfort. In addition, some satellites may open a store. Also, in addition to real estate acquired through official channels, you can get their hands on the premises of various guilds Skyrim, became their head.

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