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Where to go to advertise the sale of apartments

To submit an advertisement for the sale of apartments

Behind the decision to sell the apartment is usually the question arises, how to find a buyer for the property.

The easiest and most affordable way to announce to others about his intention - an ad for the sale of apartments.



Write or type on a computer and printthe printer several similar ads apartments. Be sure to include them in the phone or other way to contact you. Ads should hang at public transport stops, entrances to the house in which apartment for sale, on the telephone and electric poles around the city, at the grocery store in the area of ​​selling the apartment.


Apply in newspaper ads Free informationthat you sell the apartment. Try to advertise directly to several of these publications to enhance the effect of the ads and the number of calls you from stakeholders. Do not forget to renew newspaper ads until you sell the apartment.


On the Internet there are free sitesads, which should also place a request for sale with photos of your apartment, its interior, information on the price and condition of property. On these sites, there are paid services to highlight and raise ad information in increasingly viewing of the web resource. If the apartment you have an urgent need to sell, use such services, since they increase the likelihood that the ad will see a large number of potential buyers. Ads on the sites should be extended as soon as the deadline for its publication.


Visit real estate agency in your town. Give a realtor about what you are selling an apartment. Leave them accurate information about your property, your coordinates. Often, real estate agencies, without signing a contract with the seller of the apartment, look for the client to him. Benefit agents in this case lies in the fact that:
- They increase the range of proposals on the market nedvizhimosti-
- If you agreed with the buyer Apply for the sale of real estate through agentstvo-
- Its percentage of the transaction realtor company will receive in the sale of apartments.


Announced the intention to sell the apartment to its neighbors, familiar people, friends. Perhaps someone at the moment is looking for properties to buy it in your local area or home.

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