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FROM WHERE the expression preved, bear


Where did the expression preved, bear</a>

The phrase "preved bear" refers to the category of memes, i.e. Ideas and images, transmitted from person to person, and in the main "living" on the Internet.

This is one of the rare memes, the history and even the date of birth of which is reliably known.

The meaning and use of the expression "preved bear"

Bears on the Internet are often called people,Using mostly sites that are located in the domain zone .ru - in other words, runet. The distorted word "bear" is another mockery of stereotypes from the category of "Russian, vodka, nesting doll, balalaika" that have long been full of mischief. Nevertheless, the bear was so fond of people that it turned into an independent meme, and very often it is used in the form of an image, i.e. Draw a funny teddy bear and add to the picture a variety of inscriptions.
As for the word "Predved," it's already becomeTraditional distortion, which received incredible popularity on a par with "author Zhzhot" and "handsome." Preved the bear is a widespread way to say hello to a Russian person, subtly mentioning the "secrecy" of the language used and the attitude to one Internet group.

The story of the birth of the "bear"

Like most memes, the "preved bear" appearedTo the light spontaneously and gained popularity only because the Internet users liked the proposed image, and they began to use it in various contexts. For the first time the meme appeared on one of the major sites, the participants of which were amused by the creation of photo-photos - funny collages based on the pictures offered by the users. On February 7, 2006, one of the participants decided instead of demonstrating the amazing level of ownership of Photoshop to get off the simplest option of creating a collage, and replaced in the picture where the bear greets tourists who he found for making love in nature, the inscription "Surprise!" On "Preved" .
The picture became popular not immediately. Initially, she occasionally appeared in blogs and social networks, but over time, when she saw enough people, suddenly found a nationwide love. Immediately after that, the funny rhymed phrase "Predved Medved" became popular, which people loved so much that it began to appear even on mugs and on T-shirts.
It is interesting that the author of the picture with anthropomorphicBear, on which the first "Preved" appeared, was not immediately determined. For a long time, Internet users believed that they were dealing with the drawing of a child who is not more than 10 years old and who does not have any talent for the artist and can only boast of a children's passion for drawing. It turned out that, in fact, the image belongs to John Lurie - an American actor and, in combination, an artist whose work was recognized as at least controversial, but ideally approached the role of memes.

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