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Whence did the expression "goof"

Where did the expression "goof"

The expression "goof" - knownidiom, which entered into use in the XVIII century, in the era of Peter I. As with most set phrases, its origin is quite understandable historical roots.

Origin and meaning phraseologism

Originally it was an expression of separationwriting: "get in a trouble." And the very word "a trouble" was the most direct, specific value. So we called machine for the production of ropes and cords. He had a complex device in the system stretched rope was easy to get confused, and people caught in such a trouble, had to work hard to get out of it. In addition, getting into a trouble weaving ropes threatened the employee considerable danger: if the machine fell into the hand, the beard, the skirt, you could get seriously injured or even killed.
Gradually a trouble, as are many otheroutdated mechanisms, out of use, was replaced by another, more advanced equipment, and the expression left by acquiring fused spelling "trapped."

The merger of the noun with a preposition and adverb in transition - a natural process in the Russian language.

The current value of this phraseologismis treated as a "get into awkward, ridiculous, absurd situations, be subject to condemnation, get into trouble on his own negligence or carelessness."

As an expression of "trapped" was "indecent"

However, recently in a particular environmentthe expression "goof" began to acquire another, quite indecent meaning. Wide "popularize" the value received by the movie "Dead Man's Bluff", a black comedy, dedicated to the situation in Russia in the 90s of the last century.

"Dead Man's Bluff" The film was made by director A. Balabanov in 2005.

Chances are that such an interpretationarose in criminal or other antisocial environment. its total value remains unchanged: to be in the absurd, funny situations, but the origin was interpreted very differently.
I must say that there is no historical basis, this interpretation does not, and is not nothing but the product of someone's perverted mind.
However, a "light hand" filmmakers"Dead Man's Bluff" this "etymology" famous phraseologism also went to "the people" and rooted in the minds of some youth. Some even think that using that expression is not accepted in polite society.
Meanwhile, the idiomatic expression "to gettrapped "- quite literary expression. Perhaps this is an inevitable process, but it is possible that it will soon suffer the same sad fate as the word "blue", "Rainbow", "fuck" (meaning to strike) of the "indecent" the meaning of which is still years 30 years no one I suspected.

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