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When you see the precision mechanics

When there was a precision mechanics

At the dawn of human civilization, people have used quite rough and primitive technical devices. Later, they were replaced by more complex and sophisticated machinery.

It was only during the Middle Ages there was precision mechanics, which means it was possible to create a very thin on the device equipment.

What is the precise mechanics

Modern precision mechanics - Engineering andscientific discipline. This area of ​​expertise includes the development of theoretical issues, design and the subsequent production of mechanical systems that require high precision. These include precision equipment, measuring systems, tools for jewelry production and so on.
From conventional mechanical devices exact systemmechanics differ that are not intended for direct production of material goods, and to perform actions that require compliance with very precise parameters and characteristics, as well as to adjust the measuring and control systems.

How did the precision mechanics

Precision mechanics began with the creation of mechanical devices for measuring time, and the simplest optical devices.

Precision mechanics did not appear out of nowhere, andIt grew out of the traditional mechanics. The emergence of this applied science is closely related to the needs of humanity and the development of science. Even in ancient times people had to solve the problems associated with the accurate measurement of distances, angles, lengths of time. But for a long time there was no appropriate material resources and technologies for solving such problems.
Ancient astronomers back in the III century BCwas used to calculate the coordinates of celestial bodies simplest measuring devices based on mechanical principles of operation, such as quadrants. To ensure high measurement accuracy, such devices have tried to make extremely great. Sometimes quadrants range up to several tens of meters.
Only the beginning of the Renaissance, mechanicalgoniometric tools made perfect. Their accuracy was such that it allows us to solve scientific problems to a whole new level. And with the advent of optical instruments for observation precision mechanics came into its heyday.

With precision optics became possible to construct a theory of motion of celestial bodies.

An important role in the development of precision mechanics playedThe invention in the XVII century Christiaan Huygens pendulum clocks. First, such a mechanism was established in 1657. Huygens Clock differed extremely high accuracy, which at that time was amazing. Peru this famous master and scholar belongs to one of the first works in the field of analytical mechanics, which is significantly ahead of its time. Some scientific research suggests that it is from now on the exact mechanics of actually allocated in a separate applied disciplines.

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