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When you see the Order of the Badge of Honor, and whom they award

When there was the Order of the Badge of Honor

Order "Badge of Honor" was actually the last major award of those that have been established in the Soviet Union in the prewar period.

The need for this arose distinguishing sign,as the government has sought to find ways to stimulate additional workers the Soviet Union, not associated with direct economic promotion.

How did the Order "Badge of Honor"

In the mid-thirties of the last centuryThe Soviet Union, widespread labor enthusiasm of the masses. The Soviet government to think about in what way it was possible to stimulate people and motivate them to achieve employment. Cash prizes - just one of the ways to create work motivation. Equally important incentive was the desire of workers to receive a high state award - the Order "Badge of Honor".
This Order of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSRestablished November 25, 1935. The relevant decision stated that "Badge of Honor" is awarded to individual citizens and whole teams that have demonstrated the highest performance in the industry, agriculture and in other sectors of the economy.

Order intended to reward well asachievements in science and research, for achievements in culture and sport, as well as for active participation in improving the country's defense.

On the oval Order worker and were depictedcollective farmer. This image was a reflection of the Company's forward to a brighter buduschemu- he personified freed from the oppression of labor. In the hands of figures the artist has placed banners with the slogan calling for the unification of the proletariat. In the upper part of the composition was placed a red star and the golden letters "USSR", and at the bottom was an inscription "Badge of Honor".

The award for valor

Among those who were first awarded this highgovernmental award was A. Tillyabaev, chairman of one of the farms, located near Tashkent. He encouraged for their achievements in improving the yield of cotton crop and shown in this labor heroism ( "Orders and medals of the USSR", G. Kolesnikov, Rozhkov AM, 1983).
One of the first groups who received the Order"Honor" was Makeyevka Metallurgical plant named after Kirov factory. Workers plant exceeded the planned targets and demonstrated high production organization in carrying out the important tasks of the state.

By the beginning of the war with Germany was awarded the Order of more than fourteen thousand workers.

During the war against German fascism was awarded the Ordertens of thousands of workers in the rear, that their heroic labor, and sometimes at the cost of assisted front. Most awardees gave the Urals, Siberia, the Caucasus, Kazakhstan and Central Asia. a significant number of industrial and agricultural enterprises was during the war are concentrated in these regions. By the time of the collapse of the Soviet state was awarded the Order of more than half a million people and migrant groups.

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