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When you can put the baby on a pillow?

When you can put the baby on a pillow?

How do you want mom to put her baby insoft cozy bed to sleep it comfortable there, it was warm and soft. Mothers believe that because they show concern and care towards their child.

Some mothers, not knowing to what age a child should not be put a pillow, and do.

But this is absolutely unacceptable.

Kids cushions are not needed

No need to put the baby to the pillow untilnot formed cervical-spinal division, otherwise, in the future, you may not be able to avoid problems with the spine. Curvature of the spine can easily become a consequence of improper care of the child. In the period from birth to two years of a child is the formation of its bends. Correct it will or not, it depends on the parents.

The longer you do not give the baby pillow,all the better. Podiatrists are advised not to put the baby pillow at least two years, and then, if the child can not sleep without it, it is best to buy a special orthopedic pillow or cushion. In a pinch, you can do so that the mattress was a little inclined to the head of the baby was a little above body level. But if your child is perfectly complete without a pillow, do not need to obsessively put it under his head.

Orthopedic pillows doctor may prescribe a child almost from birth, since it prevents the risk of the formation of the curvature of the cervical spine.

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The tradition of putting pillows and soft beddingkids under her head appeared for a long time. Each young mother certainly had to hear advice from his mother or grandmother, how to swaddle a baby. According to them, we had a very tight swaddle the baby legs, so that they are not twisted. However, it is not necessary to listen to everything that you say your parents, friends or other loved ones. For a child to be healthy, you need to follow only the advice of experienced doctors. Try to consult with your orthopedist, and he will tell you what size and what kind of shape you need for the baby pillow.

Healthy sleep is the one during whichthe position of the human body will be smooth. I do not think that without a pillow uncomfortable to lie. If this were so, your child would cry to beg that he needs.

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Another danger

Enclosing the baby pillow, you need to think moreand about the fact that he can just suffocate, buried in her nose. As much as it may sound scary, but it's really true. The kid is not able on their own flips in a dream, so theft can cause for choking. And in any case it is not necessary obkladyvat child from all sides different objects, bumpers or soft toys. Remember that he needs space. When caring for the baby to do everything neatly correctly, then your baby will grow healthy and happy.

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