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When will the official Smart sales in Russia

When will the official Smart sales in Russia

On July 1, 2012 Mercedes-Benz dealers in Russia will begin taking orders for the compact two-seater city car Smart. According to Autonews.ru site, Smart Fortwo will go on sale on 31 July.

Its price will be 640,000 rubles and more.

According to Autonews.ru microcar in Russian will be available in 2 trim levels, namely Pure and Passion. Engine options will be 2 - 62 kW Smart Fortwo and Smart Fortwo 52 kW mhd. With the first engine, the car can accelerate to hundreds of kilometers per hour in 10.7 seconds, and the second - for 13.7 seconds. Fuel consumption of the new Smart microcar is about 4.2 liters per hundred kilometers in the combined cycle. The release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in this case will not exceed 97 grams per kilometer.

The basic package includes Smart airbags, an electronic stability system, or ESP, anti-lock braking system (ABS), electric power steering, heated seats and air conditioning.

Smart compact cars on the European marketAvailable also in the Roadster versions (sports coupe), Crossblade (convertible) and Smart Forfour (four). In addition, in 2008, Mercedes-Benz presented the group Double electric car Smart Fortwo ED.

And that's what they think about new microcars fromMercedes-Benz car enthusiasts. It should be obvious to restrict listing the pros and cons of this type of car. On the downside can be attributed, shall we say, ascetic interior, that is, the car is not cheap, and the equipment has enough meager.

People tall uncomfortable to sit inSmart, because the seat is not postponed. No adjustments in height, and in the passenger seat, even static rest. However, a good review - Windshield low located. Hood in no Smart, the engine is very low, there is no special protection for him, so the roads can be in no punch housing.

Single story - this service. Workshops on Smart service is very small, since it has a specific device, and its cost will fly in a pretty penny. Fortunately, the high cost of repair pays low fuel consumption.

As for the advantages, they are not so little. As mentioned above, the fuel consumption is very low. Appearance pretty good at Smart. You ensured attention on the road. Although such vehicles every year on the roads is becoming more, they slowly begin to get used to, there are spectacular and still new-looking items as the Smart Roadster.

Obviously the convenience of parking - the car is small, can stand where the others simply do not unfold.

Behavior on the roads at the Smart Car evaluates high marks. They are stable, even at maximum speed, namely the 140-160 km / h, no cracking and no rattles, the steering wheel from the hands of not distracting.

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