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WHEN iPhone 5 appears


When the iPhone 5 appears</a>

One of the most fashionable gadgets - iPhone 5 - is due out in 2012. This is probably the most anticipated event of all that should happen this year in the field of electronics.

Exact dates of the release of the novelty representatives of Apple are not called, however, according to the assumptions and announcements, this should be one of the summer months or the very beginning of autumn.

If you view the statistics of Internet requests andTo find out what the amateurs of novelties in the electronics sphere are talking on the forums, then, undoubtedly, the discussion of the iPhone 5 will be at the top places of this rating. When the iPhone 5 comes out, what it will look like and what will change in it - these questions are of interest even to those who are far from Apple products and are not going to acquire a new technical device.

As the saying goes, the earth rushes with rumors, and here inNetwork there is a lot of announcements of new features and changes that should be present in the iPhone 5. Someone is laying out photos of prototypes and models of iPhone 5, extracted in many different ways. The excitement before the release of this mobile phone is comparable with the expectation of the best and most expensive car models.

One of the most exciting topics for those withLooking forward to the release of the iPhone 5 - this is the size of its screen. According to rumors, the display will increase greatly. Apple is installing relatively small screens in its mobile devices, while competitors offer smartphones with much more useful screen space. It's reasonable to assume that the iPhone 5 will come out with an enlarged display, a series of rumors confirm this. Some news agencies that are famous for the fact that before others learn details about all sorts of technical innovations, say that the screen size on the new iPhone will be 4.08 inches, and its resolution will reach 1316 x 640 pixels. Thus, the width does not increase, but the length will grow.

It is also expected that the novelty will be equipped with a camera capable of shooting HD-video with high resolution, 720 pixels.

The operating system on the new iPhone 5 will also beNew, perhaps, it will be able to work on earlier versions of this device. It is expected that the functions of the phone will be closely integrated with the social network Facebook.

According to the newest information from variousAgencies, the output of the iPhone 5 is postponed to the autumn, it's not worth waiting for the novelty in the summer. In the past, Apple has repeatedly made statements that the gadget will be released during the summer and will be sold shortly after the release date.

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