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WHEN will the iPhone 5

When the iPhone 5

One of the hottest gadgets - iPhone 5 - is due out in 2012. This is probably the most anticipated event of all that needs to happen this year in the field of electronics.

Exact release dates news Apple representatives did not call, however, according to the assumptions and announcements, it should be one of the summer months or at the beginning of autumn.

If you view the statistics of Internet requests andfind out what fans talking on the forums of new products in the field of electronics, there is no doubt, the discussion of the iPhone 5 will be in the first places of the ranking. When will the iPhone 5, as it will appear and what it will change - these questions interest even those who are far from the product Apple does not intend to acquire new technical device.

As they say, the land is rife with rumors, and that'sNetworks are many announcements appear new features and changes that must be present in iPhone 5. Someone puts photos of prototypes and models of iPhone 5, obtained in many different ways. The excitement before the release of this mobile phone is comparable with the expectation of the best and most expensive models.

One of the most exciting themes for those withI look forward to the release of the iPhone 5 - is the size of its screen. According to rumors, the display will increase greatly. Apple company installs in its relatively small mobile device screens, while smart competitors offer a much greater usable area of ​​the screen. It is reasonable to assume that the iPhone 5 will come with a larger display, a series of rumors confirms this. Some news agencies, which are famous for the fact that before others find out more about all kinds of technical innovations, argue that the size of the screen on the new iPhone models will be 4.08 inches, and its resolution reaches 1316 x 640 pixels. Thus, the width does not increase, but the length will increase.

It is also expected that the novelty will be equipped with a camera that can shoot HD-video, high-resolution, 720 pixels.

The operating system on the new iPhone 5 will alsonew, it might be able to run on earlier versions of this device. Expected tight integration with the phone features of social network Facebook.

According to the latest information from variousagencies, iPhone 5 is transferred to the output of autumn, summer wait for the new items is not necessary. In the past, Apple has repeatedly made statements to the effect that the gadget will be released during the summer and will begin to sell soon after the release date.

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