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When will the game "The Witcher 3"

When will the game "The Witcher 3"

A series of games about the Witcher named Geralt has already acquired cult status.

This game received the status of the most anticipated games of the year, but alas, its output has been postponed.

Estimated release date

Initially, the game "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt "was supposed to appear in 2014, but the developers together with the publisher decided to release it in February 2015. Additional time is necessary to grind the role system, optimization and catch bugs (errors).

CD Projekt RED was informed that no game will not go to the seventh generation of gaming consoles as they are focused on the development and "licking" version for the PC.

The developers promise many as thirty-six options for the finals, which involves the repeated passage of the game.

The third part of the popular game will get a brandlinear plot, a huge open world. The developers promise that the game world will be more than anything that could be seen in the genre of RPG before. They claim that the play area will be almost thirty times larger than the available area in the second game of the series.

A complex storyline will require aboutfifty hours to pass. For more stories and tasks will take about the same time. The maximum level available for leveling - sixties.

CD Projekt RED is completely free and promiseopen world. At any time, players will be able to travel to any of its point. To move around the territory will be possible to use a variety of transportation of the horse to the ship.

What will happen in the third part?

The third game of the series is dedicated to the next invasionNilfgaarda, search for lost love and the protracted conflict with the legendary Wild Hunt. Unlike previous games in the series, in the third, "The Witcher", the passage is not divided into chapters. All decisions of the player will entail a variety of effects that are strongly reflected in the outside world than it was in previous games.

In the game you will see characters fromprevious parts. Triss, Buttercup, Sheala and other characters may appear in the game. Their presence will depend on the decisions that you have made in the second part of the trilogy.

According to the title of the third part, the hunt will be very important for the passage of the storyline.

Developers have reported that the combat system has beenfinalized. They promised to remove annoying roughness systems associated with additional drawing of motions after the action that angered many players in the second part. According to CD Projekt RED words battle will be additional steps that will interact with the environment.

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