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When to start Epiphany Eve

As Epiphany Eve begins

Epiphany is one of the twelve major festivals of the Christian Church.

To this day the Orthodox people are treated with a special thrill, spiritually preparing for celebration of Epiphany Eve.

Feast of the Baptism of Jesus Christ celebrated the 19thJanuary to the new style. Epiphany Eve falls on the day before the main celebrations. It turns out that the Epiphany Eve falls on 18th of January.

On Epiphany Eve charter of the Orthodox ChurchIt implies a strict fast. By January 18th end yuletide, on Christmas Eve, the charter suggests eating food without oil, fish, respectively, it is also prohibited for consumption. Some devout Christians January 18 on Epiphany Eve xerophagy fast, not eating cooked food. on Epiphany Eve is also a pious practice altogether abstain from food until the first star (like the Christmas Christmas Eve). However, this practice is not spelled out in the statute of the Orthodox Church.

The name "Eve" comes from leanfood, called sochivo. Sochivo made from rice and honey, decorating treats raisins, pieces of fruit, marmalade and other Lenten sweets. The finished product is made to use in the post. That is why the preparatory fast day before the feast of Epiphany is called Christmas Eve.

On Epiphany Eve morning of January 18thperformed a special worship service in the church, during which read prophetic passages from the Old Testament. Also after the end of the divine liturgy in the Epiphany Eve committed a great consecration of water.

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