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When to sow carrots for the winter

When to sow carrots for the winter

Spring valuable every day, so the gardeners have come up with to plant some crops, including carrots, before winter.

Then the harvest will appreciate earlier than spring planting.

It is important to carry out planting in the optimum time.

Not all gardeners know that carrot seeds can be sown not only in late April - early May, and before winter.

Why is it good to plant carrots for the winter

In the area in the spring is very much to do, so valuableeach hour. If possible, it would be good to move the work of the seating in the fall. At this time, harvested, dug the earth, and there is time to plant carrots for the winter.
Another reason concerns the soil moisture. Carrots germinate for a long time - 10-14 days. At this time, it must be a sufficient amount of water that is in the spring after the snow melts. But the soil at this time too wet, so it is difficult to dig. If you plant the seeds for the winter, in the spring of digging the soil is not required. Besides "podzimnego" carrot receive enough moisture, and fine seeds germinate.

Selecting planting day

It is important to bring the seeds of the earth at the time. If you try to make it too late in the fall, with the frozen ground will be very difficult to work with. If you start work in the early autumn, the seeds will germinate before winter and die from frost.
The optimal period: the end of October - beginning of November. Previously, in early November could lyutovat 30-degree frosts. Now there is no such early winter and in early November, it is possible to carry out these works.
planting time is largely dependent on the weather. November also may be warm and snowless. Then, in late October, planted the seeds germinate in the thaw and frost during perish.

Carrots are planted before winter when the land will be chilled to 3 centimeters. This can be both at the beginning and in the middle of November.

The frozen ground is not easy to dig, and plant seeds already precipitated a bed, so it is prepared in advance - in the month of October.

The bed and seeds for podzimny carrots

The bed should be 15-20 cm in height. Here it can not be done, since the spring melt waters carry with them most of the seeds, and the harvest will be small. If you make it too high, then the winter will have fatal consequences for the seeds - part of the snow may fall off due to the wind, and they freeze and lose germination. In addition, in the summer at a very high ridge a little moisture as it evaporates quickly in the sun.

Under winter sow carrots should be 1.5 times higher than in the spring, as part of the seeds can not climb. Make a notch and put dry seeds. Top layer of peat powder with grooves 1.5 cm.

Spring, between the rows should be carefully podryhlit ground. Planted for winter carrots, not only saves time in the spring, but also gives you the opportunity to eat before young sweet fruits.

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