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WHEN sow carrots for the winter


When to sow carrots for the winter</a>

Spring is valuable every day, so gardeners came up with some crops, including carrots, for winter.

Then the harvest will be better before the spring planting.

It is important to carry out the sowing works in the optimal time.

Not all gardeners know that carrot seeds can be sown not only in late April or early May, but also under winter.

Why it's good to plant carrots under winter

On the site in the spring a lot of cases, so valuableeach hour. If there is a possibility, then it would be good to transfer part of the planting works to autumn. At this time harvested crop, dug up the earth, and there is time to plant carrots under winter.
Another reason is related to soil moisture. Carrots sprout long - 10-14 days. At this time, it needs a sufficient amount of water, which happens in the spring after the melting of snow. But the soil at this time is too raw, so it is difficult to dig. If you plant seeds for the winter, then in the spring of digging the soil is not required. In addition, "podzimnaya" carrots will get enough moisture, and the seeds will grow well.

Selecting the day of planting

It is very important to bring seeds to the earth in time. If this is attempted too late in the fall, then it will be very difficult to work with frozen ground. If you start work in early autumn, then before winter, the seeds will sprout and die from frost.
The optimal period is: End of October - early November. Earlier in the beginning of November, 30-degree frosts could be fierce. Now there are no such early winters and it is quite possible to conduct these works in early November.
The timing of the landing depends largely on the weather. November can also be warm and snowless. Then, the seeds planted in late October will germinate in a thaw, and during frost they die.

Carrots are planted under winter when the ground freezes by 3 centimeters. It can be both in the beginning, and in the middle of November.

It's not easy to dig a freezing ground, and even plant seeds in the already settled bed, so it is prepared in advance - in October.

Seed and seeds for the sub-winter carrots

The bed should be 15-20 cm high. Below it can not be done, as the spring melt water will carry away most of the seeds, and the harvest will be small. If you make it too high, then the winter will be fatal for the seeds - some of the snow may fall due to wind, and they will freeze and lose their germination. In addition, in the summer on very high ridge there is little moisture, as it quickly evaporates under the sun's rays.

Under winter, carrots need to be sown 1.5 times more often than in spring, since some seeds may not ascend. Make grooves and plant dry seeds. At the top of the groove are sprinkled with a layer of peat 1.5 cm.

Spring in the aisles must be carefully ground loosened. The carrots planted for the winter not only saves time in the spring, but also gives the chance to regale earlier with young sweet fruits.

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