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When to sow watermelon seedlings?

seedling watermelon

Watermelon can be grown not only in the south but also in the medium shorts Russia under the shelters.

To fruits have time to ripen before the cold weather, the seeds first put on the seedlings and then planted it in a permanent place.

Watermelons grow in the country difficult. The main thing - to put them in a certain period of time for seedlings, then it - in a greenhouse. Thereafter, the seedlings should be watered with warm water, to feed as necessary.

Dates of sowing seedlings

The seeds need to sow in such a way thatseedling age was not more than 30 days. In watermelon dense shell, so the fact that it appeared from the cotyledons and root can take up to ten days.

For permanent seedlings planted upon the occurrence of the heat, when the threat of frosts return cease to exist.

From this, one can calculate the optimalthe period of sowing seeds. In the middle zone of night frosts end about June 1st. So, start preparing for planting the seeds must be April 22-25. It is possible and a little bit later - on April 26-30.
Please see the lunar calendar. When you select a day of planting watermelon seedlings, it is better to rely on this shining night. Thus, these works are not carried out at the full moon, at this time we can only prepare the ground and throw it. The "sterile" signs such as Aquarius, Aries is also better to refrain from planting.

Watermelon is better to plant in those days of the lunar calendar, when the "tops" perfectly grow. Then watermelon are good astronomical figures for a nice growth.

Then, the seeds and then seedlings need to ensure optimal conditions for the growth and fruiting.

Sowing seeds, seedling cultivation

If you look at the lunar calendar 2014,a great time for planting watermelon - on 30 April. This day have to start preparing for planting seeds and bring them to the ground as possible and in the other, but not at the full moon and the new moon.
That April 29, 2014 to make the landing is impossible, as in the day the new moon, and even solar annular eclipse - another sign that says about the undesirability of landings.
Day April 27, 2014 is very well suited forsoil preparation. Therefore, at this time, pour fertile land seedlings in cups, let it settle a bit, and on 30 April, soak the seeds first in a weak potassium permanganate solution, and then in the existing growth stimulator for 8 hours.
After that, the seeds are soaked in lukewarm boiled water for a day. Now you can put them on the two pieces in the seedling cup, prepared in warm water and spilled soil.
In watermelon seeds are not 100% germination. Therefore, the two could only climb one. If the two will grow, then leave only a strong plant.
Seedlings at the age of 20-30 days put in a richorganic soil, under the shelter. When zavyazhutsya fruit, then one lash leave no more than one or two. Then watermelons ripen well and become juicy and sugar.

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