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When to plant tulips and lilies of the soil

Tulips and lilies - bulbous plants.

Flowers - a graceful garden decoration, especially when it comes to such traditional horticultural crops, as the lily, and tulip. Tulips and lilies - bulbous perennials, and plant them in the autumn of need.

The exact landing time will vary depending on climate zone.

At what time of planting tulips

Planting tulips in autumn should be, for 6 - 8 weeksbefore the severe frosts. Soil temperature should be no higher than 10 degrees Celsius. Time of planting tulips depends on the climate zone. For less warm climate it is early autumn or late summer. For more southern areas it may be late autumn.
Plant tulip bulbs immediately after purchase. Do not over tighten, because storing the bulbs can not land - against the laws of nature.

Plant tulip bulbs deeply, not higher than 16 centimeters from the ground. The larger the bulb, the deeper it should be planted.

Although tulips - perennials, manygardeners treat them as annuals and are transplanted each year anew. So do growers in Holland. Tulips often do not behave like perennial flowers. Why? The point of origin.
Tulips - natives of eastern Turkey, and the socketsHimalayan mountains. The best climatic conditions for them - cold winters and hot, dry summers. Many years are varietal tulips and hybrids do not germinate the following year.
Once the tulips will be planted in the fall, they are emptyroots, which continue to grow slowly under the ground all winter. Due to cold temperatures tulips begin to rapidly rise and bloom in the spring as soon as the soil warms up slightly. At the time of flowering of the parent bulb is aging and dying, there are children bulbs.
If you plan to grow perennialtulips, fertilize them every year in the fall. The bulbs of tulips contains its own system of preservation of useful substances, but only for one year. For the dressing use organic fertilizer or compost.
It so happens that you do not have time to plant in autumntulips. But you have the desire to grow them in your garden in the spring. In this case one can buy germinated potted tulips. Leave them at home in the spring and summer. In the autumn it will be possible to plant tulip bulbs in the ground, so that they bloom next spring.
The same can be done with tulips, presented on Valentine's Day.

When planting lily

Like tulips, lilies should be planted in the fall. They are best planted at a depth of at least 25 centimeters. Then, the stem will hold fast to the ground. If the soil does not freeze in the winter, in such climates to plant lilies is useless. This color is required cold period of winter hibernation. Fertilize lily better in the spring, using compost and humus.

How lilies and tulips like airy, sandy soil. High humidity for them - death. When planting bulbs in the ground, you can add sand.

Lily - a perennial plant, but it is bettertransplanted immediately after flowering. Trim the stem to the root. Divide bulbs and transplant them to tip up. Planting they need from each other at a distance equal to three dimensions of the bulb.

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