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Before the start

Oddly enough, but the skiing is one of the oldest human inventions reasonable.

The first ski appeared to man could easily move around the spaces of winter, covered with snow, in search of food.

Little history of great trails

It is in areas with harsh climaticconditions, blizzard long winters and the first ski. In 1982, archaeologist AM Miklyaeva in what is now the Pskov region fragments of ancient skis were found. Historians have identified her age and proved that more than 4,300 years ago, people knew how to make and use the ski in its primitive economy.

The first written mention of the sliding skisIt belongs to the VI century BC. e. Many Greek historians describe seen them unknown devices that have successfully used the Finns and people of Lapland, on the hunt and at home. A little later it was given detailed instructions on the use of skis on the hunt for the beast peoples of the North. Even the king of Norway Olaf Trugvasson, according to court chronicles 925 years old, was an excellent skier. The same restless Norwegian first expressed an interest in skiing as a winter sport.

Skiing in Russia

The first racing track in Russia for events"Lyzhebezhtsev" was laid directly on the snow frozen Neva in 1894 in St. Petersburg, and already in 1910 was organized and carried out the very first championship in cross country skiing. After the October Revolution of competition on the track were renewed in 1924. Over the past 90 years of its history, skiing has changed dramatically. In the 1980s, there was a brand new running technique "ridge course", which differs from the traditional classical style, and besides there was a mass start Pursuit (Gundersen method). And in 1983, it was first held "Ski Track of Russia".

"Ski Track of Russia"

Every year in the middle of winter "Ski Track of Russia"warmly welcomes everyone to his great ski holiday. These competitions annually throughout begin in the first or second Saturday of February and are designed for all fans of skiing. Professional skiers and amateurs, whose age is 12-70 years old, can take part in them. Together with the fans to start out Olympic champions, statesmen, athletes professionals, mayors, politicians and veterans of skiing. Here, every category of skiers waiting for the appropriate distance. The aim of the competition is to involve everyone in regular classes in skiing and popularization of physical culture among all segments of the population.

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