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A trip to the UK

Britain may be of interest at any season of the year due to the long history and a huge number of cultural and sporting events, but do not forget about the climate of Albion.

Despite the northern location, United Kingdomcan offer tourists beach holiday, chic shopping, plenty of entertainment and excursions. International festivals, concerts and sports events take place all year round. Therefore, even in the rain and snow, guests Albion can organize yourself a great vacation. Because of the Gulf Stream and the mild climate the weather in the UK is different from most of the northern states, so even in winter is relatively warm. But in precipitation United Kingdom is clearly succeeding.


From the beginning of December all the streets of British cities and villages are decorated with Christmas paraphernalia in anticipation of Magic. it Advent time with taste of ginger biscuits and mulled wine can leave in the memory of the brightest moments of the travelers, despite the lack of snow on the entire south of the country, including London.

But the rain and fog in the beginning of winter is quite frequentphenomenon, although it is rather a feature of the UK, which gives it a special charm and flavor. The temperature is unlikely to fall below zero, so we can arrange a walk through the picturesque streets of old London and commuter towns and enjoy the colorful glow decorated shop windows, noisy pubs and the start of the Christmas sales.

Even in the north of Scotland frost occur only at night, and snow falls occasionally. Because of the fog air travel may be performed with a delay or canceled. If January threatens to tourists only and rainfalldense fog, in February is better to refrain from traveling to the UK. Travel England may dampen rain and snow as well as freezing therefore explore the northern kingdom landmarks comfortable not work.


In early spring, the UK climate can be called dry. The air temperature in the south of the country are no longer falls below 10 degrees. In the absence of precipitation humidity remains high, so street covers mystique, Giving an atmosphere of old London streetsMiddle Ages. Since April nature blooms and thanks to a comfortable temperature of 14 degrees familiarity with the culture and traditions of Great Britain becomes real.

In May, a trip to London should be accompanied by a visit to the parks, which are surrounded by lush greenery and flowers. Exactly from late May opens the tourist season in the United Kingdom. Regions of the sea are under the power of the winds, so do not forget warm clothes closed. Spring gives to all guests of the country a lot of bright festivals and celebrations.


During the summer holidays in the UK has to offertourists maximum entertainment. Windless weather, in 20-degree temperatures and warm nights allow to walk all day in light clothing without any discomfort. The flow of travelers has not yet reached its peak, so the UK to visit attractions doubly pleased.

In June, all tennis fans awaiting the famous Wimbledon tournament. sales begin in mid-summer withdiscounts of 50-70%, so July is the time for shopping tours in the UK. Sea in England in August warms up to 18-20 degrees in the south and in the north, so the bravest visitors can open the beach season, along with the locals. Due to tidal swimming can be dangerous, so do not choose the wild beaches.

By late summer, the humidity decreases and it becomes easier to breathe. In large cities tend to foreign students, and the present football fans come to the opening games of the season. In Peterborough hosts an annual beer festival, so in England in the summer can not sleep.


The beginning of autumn gives the right to know about yourself rainyweather, trees become crimson red and gold tint, and the main stream of tourists returning home. At this time the United Kingdom is the perfect area for a quiet contemplative rest. Especially attractive hikes in SeptemberAs at night still quite warm, although the temperature does not rise above 20 degrees.

Tours to England in October, open to tourists fairy-tale image of England of the legends of Druids, King Arthur and magical stories about HarryPotter. Thick fog and rain shrouded stone city, giving them the spirit of magic and gothic architecture adds a look of melancholy. The temperatures do not exceed 15 degrees and the sea begin to rage strong storm. Therefore, travel is better to choose the center of the UK.

End of Autumn presents the first surprise in the form ofsleet and rain and hurricanes, so the best holiday destination in the UK in November - it's pubs and museums. Already in November the temperature drops to 9 degrees, although this does not stop the British and tourists a grand celebration of Halloween.

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