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When to go to the Seychelles?

Holidays in Seychelles

Looking for the perfect place to relax, many tourists choose to Seychelles, dreaming of returning soon to this haven of peace and tranquility.

Seychelles Paradise popular and picturesquecan only compete with the Maldives. Both archipelago located in the Indian Ocean, but still there are differences, both in nature and in the infrastructure of the resorts between them. The convenient location of the Seychelles ensures travelers eternal summer for almost a year. The archipelago is protected by cyclones, so on the islands there are no heavy rains and floods. Storm in the Indian Ocean do not reachazure lagoons Seychelles, so you can enjoy the gentle breezes, crystal clear water and do snorkeling and deep sea diving without restrictions.

The Seychelles were a separate stateformed recently, so almost all the national holidays and many festivals related to the religious commitment of inhabitants of the archipelago. The proximity to the equator and the influence of the monsoon makes the resort dry climate from May to OctoberThat replaced wet season from November to April.


Since December holiday in the Seychelles may be accompanied bylittle precipitation in the evening hours. Moreover, the water evaporates quickly and within a few hours does not leave any trace of rain. Humidity is quite high and the air temperature does not drop below 30 degrees. After sunset, the sea water becomes even warmer than the air and kept at around 28 degrees. Escape from the daily closeness can be in the jungle, spa or shopping centers. But in the morning, you can easily plan trips.

In December, on the island of birds arrive to winterSo winter vacation will be accompanied bymelodic trills of birds in the morning. In January and February temperatures reach their maximum, which can complicate the rest children and the elderly, ill transporting heat. However, even during the low tourist season holiday in the Seychelles will be more favorable than in the popular Thailand during the rainy season.


Since March, the climate becomes drier in the islands. Clear days delight of tourists are increasingly, and the air is cooled by blowing winds change direction. Humidity falls and stays in the region of 75-80%. In the off-season holiday in the Seychelles is transformed into a fairy tale because of wintering birds and abundant tropical vegetation blooms after the rainy season.

If tourists take a tour of the jungle in thisperiod, will be satisfied with their journey. From April to May the water and air temperatures are aligned to 28-30 degrees, and the humidity drops significantly, making it easier for tourists to find on the street in the daytime. Light day in that period comes to 8 hours.


From June begin to rage in the ocean storm, reaching 6 points. therefore all east coast attracts surfers. West Bank still pleases tourists calm and no waves. The air temperature drops a few degrees, bringing tourists welcome shade in the daytime.

Since July, the daylight hours decreases by the hour, but the weather becomes even clearer. Humidity decreases, and rest easily tolerated even residents of the northern part of Russia. Exactly in the middle and the end of summer comes the peak tourist seasonSo find last minute to the Seychelles will be difficult in this period.


Since the beginning of the autumn tourist flow is reduced, andResorts can not be called overcrowded. There comes the off-season, but the air and water temperatures are kept at a pleasant 28 degrees in elevation. Humidity and precipitation increase slightly. Since October, nature endows tourists fruit and flower gardens, and rain falls to 9 days for the entire month. This period also attracts travelers with colorful Creole Festival, which gathers virtuoso brush, dance and music from around the world. Since November, the Seychelles met humid climate. Humidity increases and the temperature increases up to 30-35 degrees.

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