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WHEN it was released in Russia defective money

When it was released in Russian defective money

All the money now available in Russian, whethercoins, bills, and other, come to mind tools such as, for example, plastic payment cards and other kinds of electronic payments, are defective.

This remarkable characteristic rubles and kopecks received thanks to its face value.

As compared with precious metals, from previouslydear to the human heart minted rubles modern money are much less expensive than goods that can be purchased through a kind of exchange, and the derivation of a turn they do lose anyone except collectible, value. Just being in continuous movement, or stroke, defective money to get good value for money, in this case, has nothing to do with the price applied at their release material.

Exclusive unmarketable

The Russian government power by force is essentiallyIt introduced a defective money in circulation, making them absolutely legitimate and fully appropriating the exclusive right to issue and cash management. This happened after the February Revolution, when to replace the secured royal gold banknotes came nominal bills. Since then, the Soviet Union and Russia have lived with the money, which have only a notional value.

By the way, unsecured money today prevail in the world. Perhaps, boasting full-fledged monetary signs may only China, however, only partially.

Today there is a clear gradation in order to anyit can mean to equate those or other kinds of money. So, to the full, the antipodes of devalued money, usually referred ingots and coins issued from pure gold or silver, as well as some gems. Defective same money have in their composition and paper rubles, and coins and bills, and money surrogates, it notes, checks and electronic media.

Pragmatics and practice

The need to enter into circulation devalued moneyin Russia, along with other countries of the world, it was due to purely practical factors, as coins made of precious metals, which, because of its physical properties become a kind of running, with mechanical wear and become unusable, it made itself money production process is extremely expensive over time, and eventually it became the reason that in the primary metals used started adding all sorts of impurity.
In addition, the bimetallic systemcharacterized by the presence in the back country of several metals used for coinage, such as gold and silver, led to all sorts of differences in determining the value of the product concepts and forced to assign multiple prices for goods, for gold and silver coins in particular.

Small coins made of precious metals were minted difficult and extremely expensive.

However, the first attempts to introduce the Imperial Russian copper as the main material for the production of money were unsuccessful and led to the events known as the "copper revolt".
The development of the economy and growingdemand the production sector in precious metals has led to a natural process of putting into circulation of devalued money, today it is not just copper, aluminum and nickel coins, banknotes and it is even invisible, electronic money.

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