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When they left the comedy "Happy New Year, Mom"

Mom - the most important person in a child's life

The film "Happy New Year, Mom," was released in rent in the New Year's Eve.

This wonderful family comedy is a sequel to the movie "Mama."

Only there are new characters, which has seen many interesting events.

The film "Happy New Year, Mom"

The comedy "Happy New Year, Mom," came out in rent ineve of Christmas holidays December 27, 2012. The film consists of five stories. In one of the episodes of the famous starred Alain Delon. Events unfolding around the main characters, all tied to one feeling - the love of my mother. Each story tells the audience about the touching, lyrical and sometimes comical relationship between the child and the mother. Mom - the most important person in everyone's life, it is always there, no matter what, my mother will understand, Mom sorry, Mom give advice.

After watching the movie start thinking about how important mother in the life of every human being.

Announcements of five novels

In the story titled "Paris," explainssimple Russian family that lives from paycheck to paycheck. Each of its members has a dream. Mum - French teacher wants to visit France. One day she discovers the house two tickets to Paris. This gift has made her son. He played Paul Will. It should be noted acting talent Paul Will. He - the embodiment of the satirist, esthete, an egoist. He manages to play a completely different role, to convey the nature of the character, his inner world. He can only be a glance or a gesture to convey the idea, without saying a word. Some scenes touched the audience to tears.

In the opinion of the public, each frame of the film is full of emotion. Not without humor and jokes and comedy scenes.

Another short story titled "The war mothers"It tells a story that struck up a long time ago. Two schoolgirls were at war with each other, vying for the crown in the contest "Miss Snowflake." Many years later, the daughter of the women met at the school on the same occasion. In this episode, starring popular actors: Maxim Vitorgan, Konstantin Kryukov, Catherine Vilkova.

Novella "Cellist" tells the story of motherand a son who went to Moscow and there earns a living playing the cello. So long I thought his mother until he was going to visit his son. It turned out that he was not a musician, a stripper at a local club.

Novella "Solomonic decision" about the life of a modern,occupied by women. She did not have enough time at his daughter and family. She works hard and can provide your family with everything you need. But little daughter needs a mother's love and tenderness. Only Nanny Galya was able to give the girl caress, which she is lacking.

About the couple is told in the fifth novel"Lucky Numbers." Husband and wife are happy in marriage, they just do not have enough children. But the fact that a woman can not get pregnant. On the wedding anniversary wife gives her husband a SIM card with a new number, consisting of all sevens. Once the card has been inserted into the phone, the call came that changed the life of the couple.

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