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WHEN the alignment of the Sun, Venus and Earth takes place


When the alignment of the Sun, Venus and Earth takes place</a>

From time to time, a number of planets in the solar system line up in a row.

This phenomenon is called a parade of planets by astronomers, it is quite a rare event, and therefore attracts the attention of both scientists and amateur astronomers.

Parades of the planets are large and small. During a small parade, four planets are lined up in one line, and during a large parade, six planets are built. Small parade can be observed at least once a year, the big one has to wait about twenty years. Even more often there are mini-parades with the participation of three planets, such phenomena can be observed about twice a year.

In 2012, the mini-parade took place on June 5-6, whenThe Sun, Venus and Earth are lined up in one line. This event was interesting because Venus passed exactly between the Earth and the Sun, so it could be visually observed against the background of the solar disk - of course, through special telescopes with dark filters. In Russia, the passage of Venus on the disk of the Sun could be seen in the European part of the country.

Despite the fact that Venus can not close itselfThe sun, its passage between the Earth and the Sun is called an eclipse. Not every parade of planets, as a result of which the Sun, Venus and Earth are in conjunction (on one line), leads to an eclipse - for this it is necessary that Venus pass exactly between the Sun and the Earth, which happens very rarely. The next time this phenomenon can be observed only in 2117.

Is it possible to calculate independently whenWill this or that parade of planets? Of course, for this you need to use any suitable computer program that allows you to view the motion of the planets in dynamics. For example, download the free program ZET, with its help you can view the position of the planets for any date of interest. It is worth noting that this program is used for calculations by many astrologers.

After downloading the program, install it. Run, enter the location information in the pop-up box. After this, you will see a diagram of the current location of the planets. Note that the scheme is presented in the geocentric version accepted by astrologers - that is, the Earth is placed in the center of the scheme. You can turn on the heliocentric version, for this open in the program menu: "Settings" - "Map settings ...", select the item Z (Zodiac) in the opened window and mark the item "Heliocentric". Now you can see the real position of the planets and the Sun.

To view the position of the planets on a specific dateClick the "Dynamics" icon in the upper right part of the program window. A small window opens in which you can specify any date you want with the accuracy of a second.

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