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When there is alignment in a number of the Sun, Venus and Earth

When there is alignment in a number of the Sun, Venus and Earth

From time to time a certain amount of solar system planets line up in a row.

Such a phenomenon astronomers call a parade of the planets, it is quite a rare event, and therefore attracts the attention of both scientists and amateur astronomers.

parade of planets are large and small. During a small parade in a line four planets line up, and during large - six. Small parade can be seen at least once a year, more have to wait for about twenty years. mini-parades with three planets More often occur, such phenomena can be observed about twice a year.

In 2012, a mini-parade took place on 5-6 June, whenin line lined Sun, Venus and Earth. This event was so interesting, that Venus passed directly between the Earth and the Sun, so visually it could be seen against the background of the solar disk - of course, through special telescopes with dark filters. In Russia, the Transit of Venus can be seen in the European part of the country.

Despite the fact that Venus can not close aSun, its passage between the Earth and the Sun is called eclipse. Not every parade of planets, in which the Sun, Venus and Earth are in conjunction (in a line), leads to an eclipse - it is necessary to Venus passes directly between the Sun and Earth, which happens very rarely. The next time this phenomenon can be observed only in 2117.

Is it possible to independently calculate whenoccur or that the parade of planets? Of course, it is necessary to take advantage of any suitable computer program that allows the dynamics to view the movement of the planets. For example, download the free program ZET, with it you can see the position of the planets at any date of your stay. It is worth noting that this program is used to settle many astrologers.

Download the program, install it. Run, type in the pop-up window of your location data. After that you will see a diagram of the current position of the planets. Note that the circuit shown in the adopted astrologers geocentric version - that is at the center of the circuit placed Earth. You can turn the heliocentric option open for this program in the menu: "Settings" - "Setting the map ...", point Z (Zodiac) opened window and select the "Heliocentric". Now you can see the real position of the planets and the sun.

To view the position of the planets on a given dateclick "Dynamics" icon at the top right of the program window. This opens a small window in which you can specify any necessary date to the nearest second.

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