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When the screen is released the next James Bond film

When the screens will be released next James Bond film

Perhaps the movies of James Bond can shoot forever: since the release of the first part of the last 50 years, during which the show has transformed several times, but has not lost its relevance.

In 2012, the year there is a new part of the adventures of the legendary special agent, "007: Skayfoll coordinates."

The world premiere is scheduled for 22 October. This date can be considered reliable: neither of which converted into 3D format is not speech, and no major competitors in the movie is not planned, but because the transfer would be unlikely.

Of course, before the release will be a number"Private screening": large prime, in which the key cast, director and producers will be present in person. The number and even the venue of such impressions can not be guessed in advance: it is obvious only that they will be carried out in those countries where the distributors will fight for the highest box office. Given the experience of previous paintings - it is possible to visit the stars in Moscow.

The term "World Premiere" applies,mainly in the USA. In order to film longer kept in the charts "cash cathedrals" several distributors stretched schedule Prime. Most suffer from it large enough film markets: in particular, the domestic. The premiere in Russia is scheduled for 1 November.

A number of cinemas buys exclusive rights toscreening of the film before the premiere: however, this hands-free advertising, usually do not give. Check out the posters of your favorite cinemas, and perhaps find some discrepancies with the premiere date.

The film can confidently look for the firsttwo weeks. He will be in the repertoire of major theaters as long as profitable: as a rule, already in the third week of painting gradually "move" in the small hall, and then completely leave on the shelf.
Predict the commercial success of a new picture is difficult: the first two parts good behaved at the box office, but the second was clearly worse than that reflected in the average rating.

The DVD and Blue-ray movie will be the new year,if rolling at that time exhausted itself. This is due to the desire to earn distributors, presenting the film as a "Christmas gift." If the case the film will go better than that, "Quantum of Solace", the release may be delayed until spring, adding additional content on the disc.

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