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WHEN the next James Bond movie will be released


When the screens will be released next movie about James Bond</a>

Perhaps, James Bond films can be shot forever: 50 years have passed since the first part was released, for which the series has been transformed several times, but has not lost its relevance.

In 2012, a new part of the adventures of the legendary special agent is released: "007: coordinates of Skyfall".

The world premiere is scheduled for October 22. This date can be considered reliable: there is no converting to the 3D format of speech and no major competitors from the film are scheduled, and therefore the transfer is unlikely to take place.

Undoubtedly, before the release, a number of"Closed shows": major premieres, which will personally be attended by the main actors, director and producers. The number and even the location of such shows in advance can not be guessed: it is obvious only that they will be held in those countries where the broadcasters will fight for high box office. Considering the experience of past paintings - it is quite possible the arrival of the stars in Moscow.

The designation "World Premiere" is distributed,Mainly on the US. To ensure that the film lasts longer in the charts of "box office cathedrals", the distributors stretch the schedule of the prime minister a little. Often this suffers from large enough film markets: in particular, domestic. The premiere in Russia is scheduled for November 1.

A number of cinemas buy out exclusive rights toShowing the film before the premiere: however, loud advertisements to this, usually, do not give. Check out the billboards of your favorite cinemas and, perhaps, you will find some discrepancies with the date of the premiere.

The film can be watched confidently during the firstTwo weeks. He will be in the repertoire of major movie theaters until he makes a profit: as a rule, already in the third week the pictures smoothly "move" to small halls, and then completely go to the shelf.
Predict the commercial success of the new picture is difficult: the first two parts behaved well at the box office, but the second was clearly worse, which affected the average ratings.

On DVD and Blue-ray the film will appear under the new year,If the rental by that time will exhaust itself. This is due to the desire of distributors to earn, presenting the film as a "New Year's gift." If things go well with the film than the "Quantum of Mercy", the release may be postponed until the spring, adding additional content to the discs.

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