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WHEN ruled Prince Vladimirsky Dmitry Mikhailovich


When Prince Vladimirsky Dmitry Mikhailovich ruled</a>

The princes of Russia differently entered the history of the country.

Someone became a famous commander, who grew up lands in Russia, someone remembered wisdom, and somebody guile.

Perhaps, the last can be attributed Prince Dmitry of Vladimir.

To one of the outstanding rulers of ancient timesYou can relate Prince Dmitri Mikhailovich, who ruled in Vladimir from 1322 to 1326 years. In just four years of his reign, he was remembered as a sharp, quick-tempered man, and therefore often used his name with such synonyms as "menacing eyes": Dmitri formidable eyes.

Of the Rurikovich family

It should be noted that Dmitry Mikhailovich wasA representative of a significant kind in history, he came from the Rurik dynasty. His father was Prince of Tver and Vladimir Mikhail Yaroslavovich, mother - Princess Anna of Rostov, who was recognized by the people as a saint.
The years of Dmitry Mikhailovich's rule are acceptedConsider vague, with constant conspiracies and struggle with enemies. In fact, all his struggle was directed against Prince Yuri Danilovich of Moscow, whom he considered to be the direct culprit of the death of his father, Mikhail Yaroslavovich.

According to the story, after MichaelYaroslavovich was executed in the Horde, Yuri received a shortcut to the reign of Vladimir from Khan Uzbek. In turn, after the death of his father Dmitry Mikhailovich inherited the rule of Tver.

The History of Vengeance

In 1321 Dmitry had a vengeful plan for his father: he decided to pretend that he agreed to peace with Yuri, and sent him ambassadors with tribute, but the tribute was intended for Khan Uzbek.
Having received gifts, Yuri did not hurry to pass this tributeTatar ambassador, on the contrary, not having felt any dirty trick, he went on his business to Novgorod, and from there to completely to far Finland. This is exactly what Dmitry hoped for, which went to the Horde. He presented the Khan Uzbek to the whole situation in the following way: allegedly Prince Yuri Danilovich does not pay a tribute to the Horde for a year, and besides, he severely dealt with Prince Michael Yaroslavovich and misappropriated the prince's territory, which Dmitriy had rightfully gotten to him.
The quick-tempered and short-sighted Khan Uzbek, after listening toDmitry Mikhailovich, angry and decided to punish the guilty Prince Yuri, taking away his illegally appropriated reign. However, it was not easy to bring the planned to execution, for Prince Yury traveled for many years in his possessions, a telegram about his invitation to meet with Khan's ambassador Akhmyl to the Horde came only in 1324. The prince did not reach the horde.

Grand Duke Alexander Tverskoy reigned until 1339 and was executed by the horde together with his son Fyodor.

The history does not contain detailed details of the death of Prince Yuri, but it is reliably known that the impatient and spiteful Dmitry personally killed a distant relative when he was going to the Horde.
Dmitry himself after the murder of Yuri hoped only forKhan's condescension. But for the shown arbitrariness the Uzbek Khan ordered him to be killed, and the reign to hand him over to his brother Alexander. So, in 1326 Dmitry Mikhailovich was executed, and the years of his short-lived rule ended.

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