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WHEN the International Day of cucumber

When the International Day of cucumber

Homeland cucumber is considered to India, where it began to cultivate a vegetable even 7000 years ago.

But despite this, the idea is to introduce the celebration of the International Day of cucumber belongs to the Russians.

Slavs met a vegetable called cucumberOnly 700 years ago, and, judging by the number of recipes for dishes of cucumber, as well as many varieties of this vegetable, we can say with certainty that the cucumber has acquired the status of national product.

Date of the day cucumber

For more than 10 years in the city of Suzdal praisecucumber, paying tribute to him during his maturation. Traditionally, the date for the International Day of cucumber is July 19 and the next weekend to this date. As a rule, the holding of this festival marks the festivities, which is attended not only by locals and guests from nearby communities, but also many foreign tourists, who with great pleasure celebrate the day of cucumber with the rest.
Preparing for the holiday begins with spring,carefully selecting the varieties and seeds of cucumber, then the size of the fruit and color saturation. At the exhibition, this vegetable is represented in large numbers, ranging from tiny gherkins and zelentsov and ending with "Babak", which are shown in the form of figures of birds and animals. The stands can be seen jam cucumber, fried cucumber slices and cooked on numerous home recipes salted cucumbers.

How is the day of cucumber

Usually cucumber day opened in celebration11 days and Cucumber Rassolovich put the protagonist throughout the weekend. Cucumber are not only in the form of fresh fruit and vegetable dishes with this, but in a funny artefacts from various natural materials. The locals are happy to show funny scenes involving a cucumber, as well as having fun clothed in a suit of this vegetable.
Also, traditionally presented at the festivalextensive program of performances by local groups who not only praise the famous vegetable, but also reveal to the eyes of their guests all the wealth of folk Slavic folklore. The variety of entertainment can please the taste of every guest, whether it is a child or a foreigner, there are carousels, games and fun, as well as raffles and plenty of treats.
Ends Sunday celebration at the end of the dayshow of hero for the day - a cucumber in the sky on balloons, so fans of cucumber forgiven him until next year and invited to visit again.

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