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When the first school in Russia

When the first school in Russia

To date, a huge number of schools operating in Russia. They offer a variety of areas, methods of study, choice of subjects, languages ​​and disciplines - but what is the basis of all this?

When the first school appeared in Russia and what they like?

Education in Ancient Rus

Schools in the territory of ancient Russia for the first timeIt appeared after the adoption of Christianity in 988. By order of Prince Vladimir of children from families of clerics and elders in the book gave the doctrine in Novgorod school, created by Yaroslav the Wise. In her pupils were learning reading, writing, Russian, through and the Christian faith. Moreover, in Russia there were a higher type of school, intended for future church and government leaders. They children were taught theology, philosophy, rhetoric and grammar, as well as history, geography and science.
In ancient times, educated people valued very highly, and were called "men of bookshelves."
Education gained national importance duringPetra 1, which educated people are needed to implement reforms. The young people were sent to study marine and shipbuilding abroad, and hired for training of foreign experts in Russian institutions. Also under Peter 1 it established a system of secular schools, which was necessary for the implementation of reforms in the sphere of military, cultural and economic sectors. Peter himself is increasingly thought about creating a Russian school - that with him the general and special schools were opened, we laid the conditions for the opening of the Academy of Sciences.

The first Russian school

The first Russian school of mathematics andNavigational Sciences was founded by Peter 1 in 1700. It became the first secular educational institutions in Moscow and Europe. The school had 200 to 500 students, who were on the full content of the institution. school rules were very severe - for students with truancy levied heavy fines, and escape is punishable by death. He taught at the School of English teachers who specialized in arithmetic, geometry, plane and spherical trigonometry, navigation, geography and basics of marine astronomy.
All subjects in the first Russian school were studied sequentially, and she studies equated to the service.
In 1715, high school students were transferred toPetersburg, which was created by the Naval Academy, which released a generation known theorists and practitioners of naval affairs, as well as expedition leaders, who glorified Russia. According to the type of the first school of mathematical and navigational sciences two more schools were created later - the artillery and engineering. They were State-owned professional top-level institutions that train skilled technicians. Also, the medical school was founded in Moscow, which opened a few years later in St. Petersburg.

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