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WHEN the first schools appeared in Russia


When the first schools appeared in Russia</a>

To date, Russia has a huge number of schools. They offer different directions, ways of teaching, choice of subjects, languages ​​and disciplines - but what is the basis of all this?

When did the first schools appear in Russia and what did they represent?

Education in Ancient Russia

Schools on the territory of Ancient RusAppeared after the adoption of Christianity in 988. According to the decree of Prince Vladimir, children from families of clergymen and elders were given books for teaching in the school of Novgorod, created by Yaroslav the Wise. In it, students comprehended reading, writing, Russian, counting and Christian dogma. In addition, in Russia there were schools of a higher type, intended for future churchmen and statesmen. In them children were taught theology, philosophy, rhetoric and grammar, as well as history, geography and natural science.
In ancient times, educated people were valued very highly and were called "book men".
Education has become a statePetre 1, who needed educated people to carry out reforms. Young people were sent to study sea and shipboard business abroad, and foreign specialists were hired to study in Russian institutions. Also, under Peter the Great, a secular school system was created that was necessary to carry out transformations in the sphere of the military, cultural and economic sectors. Peter himself increasingly thought about the creation of Russian schools - it was with him that general and specialized schools were opened, conditions were laid for the opening of the Academy of Sciences.

The first schools of Russia

The first Russian school of mathematical andNavigation science was founded by Peter the Great in 1700. It became the first secular educational institution in Moscow and Europe. At school, from 200 to 500 pupils, who were at the full content of the institution, were trained. The rules of the school were very harsh - for absenteeism, students were charged with large fines, and the escape was punishable by death. The school taught English teachers who specialized in arithmetic, geometry, flat and spherical trigonometry, navigation, geography and marine astronomy.
All disciplines in the first school of Russia were studied consistently, and the study itself was equated with the service.
In 1715, high school students were transferred to thePetersburg, where the Maritime Academy was founded, which produced not a single generation known theorists and practitioners of naval affairs, as well as leaders of expeditions that glorified Russia. By the type of the first school of mathematical and navigational sciences, two more schools, artillery and engineering schools, were subsequently created. They were state-owned professional institutions of the highest level, trained qualified technicians. Also in Moscow, a medical school was founded, which a few years later opened in St. Petersburg.

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