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WHEN the teeth are cut


When the teeth are cut</a>

If the baby has a sharp increase in educationSaliva, this is the first sign that the teeth will soon be cut. This process occurs due to irritation of nerve endings about 2 months before the event.

The first tooth is on the way, if there is a strong need for bibs.

Approximately at the age of 8 months the child beginsThe first teeth are cut, this gives him anxiety. Rarely in babies this process is painless. Most often in this period the child will not eat, sleep will become restless and the baby will often cry, the body temperature can rise. Some children blush cheeks, there is pain in the ears and a short-term runny nose. Naturally, this also affects her mother's condition, she begins to look for ways to help her baby. Doctors give some recommendations on facilitating this process:

1. To erupt the teeth as soon as possible, the baby should be given more drink in the breaks between the feedings.

2. Since during this period the child's salivation increases, and saliva can cause skin irritation, it is often necessary to wipe the face and neck of the baby with napkins and once a day lubricate with baby cream.

3. To accelerate the process, you can massage the gum with a towel or a chilled teaspoon.

4. It is necessary to buy a special cutter. Currently, the stores have a wide range, there are teethers filled with water. And before giving it to the child, it needs to be cooled, since the cold will help relieve swelling and pain.

5. Doctors recommend using various creams and gels with anesthetics for gums.

6. When the temperature rises, the child can be given paracetamol. However, if there is a runny nose, a cough or a loose stool along with a fever, then it can already be a cold or an infection caused by a weakened immune system. These are interrelated processes.

7. In the disorder of the stool, it is necessary to feed the child with lighter food for several days, and the number of vegetables and juices needs to be reduced. It is also recommended to drink tea with chamomile and fennel or give drops with these herbs.

During the eruption of the teeth, almost all the objects falling into the hands of the child will be sampled on the tooth. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the cleanliness of toys and the lack of cutting parts in them.

Some parents help their babies by doingThey massage the gums with a gauze swab. To do this, the index finger should be wrapped with a bandage and soak it in cold water, and then massage it.

When teething teeth, pediatricians recommendTo carry out a calcium subsidy. To do this, one third of calcium gluconate tablets should be given to the child three times a day for 14 days. Note that calcium gluconate does not dissolve in water, so it should be ground into powder and added to food.

When the baby has the first toothAdd to his diet solid food. Only liquid food during the transition from the sucking reflex to the need to bite and gnaw can not do. During each feeding, the baby should be offered dried bread, a piece of peeled apple, a slightly boiled carrot. When chewing, the blood supply to the gums increases, the resulting teeth are strengthened and trained.

If the child's teeth eruption increasesTemperature, it should be knocked down, rubbing his body with a sponge moistened with cool water, or giving him a suspension of paracetamol. But under no circumstances should not give the baby an aspirin! This medication is contraindicated in children under 12 years of age, as it may cause rare cases of Reiki syndrome. It is also undesirable in the early age to give tetracycline, it breaks the teeth of the teeth and makes the enamel dark.

The timing of the appearance of the first teeth in different childrenAre different. This is determined at the gene level. But most often the first teeth appear in 5-8 months, while in girls this happens earlier than in boys. Lower central incisors appear first, and then upper central and upper lateral incisors. All milk teeth are completely erupted by the age of 2-2,5 years.

Close people should be calm andPatience. Caress and caring will take 2 times more. Do not be afraid of caress and attention spoil the child, whims and weeping will make his character even worse.

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