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How to appeal

WHEN drafted into the army

A man should pay the debt to the Motherland

All men - citizens of the Russian Federation shall perform military duty, which is in military service in the Armed Forces of the country.

In the case of deviations from the service, the man faces criminal liability.

Constitutional duty

Service in the army - the execution of the constitutionaldebt. According to the federal law "On Military Duty" call in the army to be the country's citizens aged 18 to 27 years old who reside in its territory. Non-residents are not subject to appeal and did not even enter the military registration. On January 1, 2008 life became equal to one year.
There is a possibility to perform alternative service. But her life is more than 12 months and is 18-21 per month. This right is given only if there are special readings.

Persons who have completed military departments become officers and enlisted in the reserve.

When a young person turns 17, heI should be obliged to undergo a medical examination. Physicians Commission shall youths examination reveals the disease, pathology and a verdict on whether he is fit for duty or not. If unfit to serve, he issued a registration certificate. At age 18, the young man received a summons from the recruiting office. Then he will be re-medical examination. The possible reasons for the postponement. Higher and secondary vocational schools provide respite to the young man at the time of training, this rule does not apply to external students. If there are no indications do not serve in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the boy reported the date and time when it will need to come to the military enlistment office with things.

Day appeal

On the day of calling the guy should come with allnecessary to the district military enlistment office. All recruits are sent on the bus to a central collection point. They held another medical commission. The army should fall only healthy and strong young men. Next conscripts communicate representatives of military units, talk about the army everyday life, what you need to prepare and what to do, you should not. All issued ordinary form. Things that can not be with you to take part in, withdrawn and sent by mail to your home address. If the ordinary for some reason did not receive the distribution in part, that for some time he lived in the recruiting office.

It happens that after the third medical commission boy medically recognized as unfit for service, and he was sent back home.

Spring call

In 2014 spring draft begins on April 1 andIt lasts 3 months until 15 July. And autumn is the call from 1 October to 31 December. According to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the number of recruits will decrease significantly in the tens of thousands of people. The ranks of the armed army will be supplemented by contract. This will allow the military commissariats not chase those who want to avoid the duty. And it will not be forced to undergo transoms boys due to lack of mobilization reserve.

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