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WHEN a child must sit

When a child must sit

Can a cause for concern if the child is 8 months has not learned to sit independently? Should his seat, if he still can not hold yourself back exactly?

The development of each child individually, and excitement should only call the doctor fears.

How is the child's own learning to sit

For seven or eight months in the first year of life the baby makes the first attempts to sit alone. It is easy to see from the fact that he was straining press, trying to lift his head.

In no event it is impossible to force a child to sit, it can hurt his health.

Children at this age reach for toys,hanging over their heads, firmly grasping my mother's fingers, torn from his back in the crib. Having learned to deftly turn, children begin to develop a new way of observation: they want to see everything, raising not only the head but also the back. Some children try to sit alone in the six months, many master this skill to eight months. Depending on the child's temperament, his activity during the day and the desire to quickly learn how to sit will be different.

How to help your child to sit

Play with your baby, and ride it to the floor. Every day, perform exercises to strengthen the muscles of the neck, shoulders, back. Show your child how to sit. Help your child to turn over onto his stomach, and then tighten the legs to the stomach, causing the crumbs get on all fours, this situation should make more effort to it - roll over and sit on the ass. Games on the floor allow the child to explore more territory than lying in bed.

Show your child how to sit. If your baby is ready to master this skill, he will be only one or two hits.

Paul, where Fitted with a cozy rug willthe perfect testing ground for gymnastics, massage and training to form a new habit - an independent seat. Gymnastics and massage should be performed if the baby is set to this: he slept, fed and healthy. You can start with a massage, then go to the exercises. Massage should be back, placing the crumbs on his tummy, start gently rubbed the palm of his hand from the base of the neck over the entire length of the back.
Then carefully remember the muscles of the neck and thenalong the spine. Complete massage stroking. As an exercise, take the kid by the hand and gently sip on. The main thing - do not overdo it, everything must be done gradually. Perfectly suited for the formation of posture and other exercises - different coups slopes. Protect the health of your child, and do not rush the new developments in his life!

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