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WHEN the child should sit down


When should the child sit down</a>

Can it be of concern if the child has not learned to sit down at 8 months? Is it worth it to sit down, if he still can not keep his back straight?

The development of each child is individual, and agitation should only be caused by the doctor's fears.

How does the child learn to sit on his own?

By the age of seven or eight months of the first year of life, the baby makes his first attempts to sit down on his own. It's easy to see from the fact that he strains the press, trying to raise his head.

In no case can the child be forced to sit, it can harm his health.

Children at this age are drawn to toys,Hanging over their heads, grasping their mother tightly by the fingers of their hands, tearing their back from the crib. Learning to deftly turn over, children begin to learn a new way of watching: they want to see everything, having lifted not only the head, but also the back. Some children try to sit on their own at six months, many learn this skill by eight months. Depending on the temperament of the child, his activity during the day and the desire to learn to sit faster will be different.

How to help your child sit down

Play with the baby, roll it on the floor. Every day, perform exercises to strengthen the muscles of the neck, shoulders, back. Show the child how to sit down. Help the baby to turn over on the stomach, then pull up the legs to the stomach, forcing the crumb to stand on all fours, from this position it is worth making another effort - to roll over and sit on the ass. Games on the floor allow the child to develop a larger territory than lying in a crib.

Show the child how to sit down properly. If the kid is ready to master this skill, he will have one or two shows.

The floor on which a cozy rug is laid will beAn ideal training ground for gymnastics, massage and training for the formation of a new skill - independent sitting. Gymnastics and massage should be performed in the event that the baby is set for this: he slept, fed and healthy. You can start with a massage, then go to the exercises. Back massage should be carried out, laying crumbs on the tummy, start gently rub the palm of your hand from the base of the neck along the entire length of the back.
After that carefully remember the neck muscles and furtherAlong the spine. Complete the massage by stroking. As an exercise, take the kid by the hand, and gently pull on yourself. The main thing is not to overdo it, everything should be done gradually. Excellent for the formation of posture and other exercises - different upheavals, slopes. Take care of your child's health and do not rush new events in his life!

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