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WHEN clean pumpkin

When to clean the pumpkin

The harvesting horticultural crops such as pumpkin, depends on two factors, namely, the variety of climatic conditions and cultivation of these fruits.

In the central part of Russia gardeners often grow "muscat" varieties of pumpkin, which refers to the late-ripening varieties.

The very first ripe pumpkin tverdokoryh varietiesremove from the garden fruits can be in late August - early September. Their maturity is said features such as woodiness stalk and peel discoloration pumpkins: it becomes more saturated colors, such as dark orange. Fruits of these varieties are not intended for long-term storage and they must be used in the next two months.

Muscat and large-fruited varieties of pumpkins can bestoring them before frost (mid or late September), but after harvest the fruit is necessary to ripen at room temperature for two to three weeks, then they can be removed in a cool place. Shelf life data pumpkin varieties - up to six months, and after this time their taste is reduced significantly, the flesh becomes tasteless.

Generally, the first signs that a pumpkin can beclean - a drying plant leaves, stalk color change from green to gray and its subsequent woodiness, sealing membranes. Cutting off the pumpkin must be remembered that it is necessary to leave the stalk length of at least five centimeters, as if to try to get rid of it at all, then it is likely to violate the integrity of the fruit and store them will be already impossible.

When you can remove the pumpkin in the suburbs

Moscow - central Russia, in thecountryside at harvest a garden culture, like pumpkin, you need to take into account the main criterion - freezing. In no case can not overdo the fruit in the garden with frost, which can be seen in mid-September. To prevent subfreezing fruits are best cut back in early September, and allow them to ripen at home, and during the day they can be taken out into the street, especially in sunny weather.

When you can remove the pumpkin in Siberia

Siberia is quite extensive, so the timing of collectingcrops in different regions are different. In this case, you need to collect fruits count on terms of planting. Generally, in Siberia often cultivated varieties of pumpkins, which are ripening period 100 days, the collection of such fruits can be carried out after only 75-80 days of planting seeds. The fruits ripen at home at room temperature for two to three weeks.

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